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Why are hundreds of thousand of citizens demanding prosecution of Bill Gates?

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    The whole gang looks kinda creepy.


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      Bill Gates is a traitor. He helped China develop their domestic surveillance platforms as far back as 2010 and the Chinese government even built him a $20 research center in China to do it. They even named the building The Microsoft Joint Research Center in Beijing which is about 2 miles from Peking University. Also take a look at this

      Bill Gates also has refused to say why he secretly met six times with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein and has never denied these meetings. He only says his business matters are private. He also admits that his vaccines have NEVER BEEN TESTED ON HUMANS IN CLINICAL TRIALS - Only On Africans and Indians - 20% of whom became sterile or paralyzed.

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        lol omg what does it mean documented thief?



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          Personally do not think that many are demanding his prosecution.


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            Here;s documented proof Bill Gates was behind this Pandemic:
            Click image for larger version

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              Look at all the evil programs and technology Bill Gates has funded, developed, and invested in for both the American and Chinese governments. American Traitor!
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                Is he really that bad?


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                  Just read it all above. That says it all!


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                    Bill Gates had six secret meetings with the CEO of a company called "LIFEBOAT" that builds and sells luxury underground bunkers for the wealthy elite "in preparation for the coming civil unrest". These bunkers are guaranteed to keep out radiation and bio-weapons. That CEO was convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Now you know why Bill Gates will not talk about his meetings with Epstein which he has never denied.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Is that real?


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                        ​ This video is very real and has totally enlightened me about Bill Gates who I thought was a nice guy. I now think he must be related to the devil! https://www.*****


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                          Only the censorship that Bill Gates buys keeps him out of prison. This is what I am talking about... People are being fooled by the MSM and Google.and these as*holess

                          Google owns Android and YouTube and by embedding their spyware programs in all the Android mobile phones (3 Billion world-wide) with no option to opt out, they control what 60% of the world population see, think, and ultimately believe through repetitive programming. Use DuckDuckGo.

                          This video explains better than me But you can do your own simple test...

                          First go to Google and search "American prisoners tortured on U.S. soil" and look at the results and count them too. (Do not use commas)

                          Now go to and do the identical search and look at the results. Why such a huge difference? Answer, because the "Jigsaw" division of Google is paid $150 million a year to filter out info about government crimes and corruption.


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                            Lock em up


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                              **A lot of people believed the legitimacy of the Gates Foundation because Snopes gave them endorsements and claimed they were legit. But recently David Mikkelson, the President of Snopes was arrested and a ****load of complaints at Ruqqus and eslewhere exposed Snopes as a huge fraud that Facebook and George Soros was paying off to lie for people who needed credibility - just like the old YELP! scandal.** **Go here to read more** https://ruqqus/+scams


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