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Was China set up by Obama's CIA and Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2014 by giving Corona Virus Bio-Weapon to Wuhan Lab?

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  • Question Was China set up by Obama's CIA and Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2014 by giving Corona Virus Bio-Weapon to Wuhan Lab?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	microsoft-headquarters-twilight-beijing-china-nov-its-chinese-research-zhongguancun-science-technology-zone-costs-89025431.jpg Views:	0 Size:	131.0 KB ID:	643807

    Remember, Bill Gates got his first $150 million contract with the CCP in 2008 and they gave Gates a free $45 million building in Haidian, Beijing called the Joint China-Microsoft Research Center.Please do not comment until you have completely read this article and all the embedded links and videos inside of it:

    P.S. Newsweek, Washington Times, and have all confirmed that in 2014, Dr. Fauci visited the Wuhan Lab with the top secret U.S. Army Bio-Weapon and a $3.7million payment for the Chinese and a request to see if they could increase the infection rate. Why would he do this?

    Also remember that in 2005 Bill Gates gave the CIA a 2 hour briefing at the Pentagon, on how to kill an entire race of Arabic Muslims with a virus that would appear to be a natural epidemic. Here is a video clip from that briefing;

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      Well considering this recent bombshell, it seems very possible... When you consider this confession and the current posts at it comes down to only one of two possibilities;

      1. China conspired with Gates and global elites to allow the "leak" from their own Wuhan lab or

      2. The CIA set up China just like they did with SARS back in 2002.


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        Quite possible considering past history of false flag operations including Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam.


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          I heard today on CNBC that China likely created the covid virus in a lab and then released it. What is that all about?


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            The US and WHO need to open a full investigation.


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              The WHO is thoroughly corrupt, just like the U.N. and IMF


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                Just happened to see this---I doubt China was set up. Are they that easily manipulated?


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