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"Unethical" - Canadian Lawyer Bill Gilmour Redefines The Word...

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  • "Unethical" - Canadian Lawyer Bill Gilmour Redefines The Word...

    Imagine that you are lawyer who gets arrested for child abuse and to avoid watching your career get flushed down the toilet, you agree to become a government informant against your own clients. In exchange they will get your court file sealed and your adjudication withheld. Would you take this deal with the devil and sell your client(s) down the river?

    Such is the case of a lawyer in Canada who was arrested for assaulting a pre-teen minor in Brampton, Ontario on August 14th, 2001. At that time he had the distinction of representing the Peel Regional Police Department, the largest in Ontario. How he handled the matter makes you wonder how Solicitor William Gilmour can still be practicing law. Here is an actual copy of one of many Law Society Complaints filed against him.

    Next question... Does the public have a right to be warned about this lawyer and shouldn't other lawyers be concerned that he cast shadows of doubt and disdain upon them all? BTW... Gilmour's arrest record is still a public record in Brampton, Ontario.

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    Re: "Unethical" - Canadian Lawyer Bill Gilmour Redefines The Word...

    If it was a sexual assault on the minor there is no reason not to disbar this low life piece of shi*. I googled him "Atty. William Gilmour" and he is a celebrity at a few scam reporting cites (,, etc) and is identified as a government informant at


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      Re: "Unethical" - Canadian Lawyer Bill Gilmour Redefines The Word...

      This lawyer Bill Gilmour was actually caught trying to sell his client's confidential legal files to third parties for $50,000 since it was a headline story that got covered up. https;//


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        According to other posts at other websites this lawyer and barrister William Gilmour has actually been arrested a few times and not just for DUIs. He was charged with assault on a minor on August, 14th 2001 and also for raping a dancer/stripper at the "House of Lancaster" in 2005. He pled guilty to the assault charge in exchange for "adjudication withheld after completing 3 month of counseling" and the rape charge was dropped when the victim was detained and deported as an illegal alien before the trial date, and her sister claims that Gilmour arranged for her arrest.

        Here is indisputable evidence Atty. William Gilmour also committed perjury and extortion:


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