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The Fake Extradition Of Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca

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  • The Fake Extradition Of Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca

    In law school we are taught ideals. In reality however we see that justice is often trumped by politics. See here:


    This is proof positive that the American government persecutes and jails its whistle blowers - and tortures them as well. How else do you think they extracted a guilty plea from Bradley Manning? Torture is not always physical you know. Read this:


    Lawyers are some of the very few people who can change the world. They can not only shine a spotlight on injustice but can file court claims that compel disclosure of the truth. Those of you looking for a challenge in the field of human rights may want to undertake this matter.

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    Re: The Fake Extradition Of Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca

    I happy to see that after 20 years false prosecution, all the bogus charges were finally dropped against Gorcyca last week in U.S. Federal Court.

    Do you guys realize they not only tried to kill this man 5 times, but also tortured him for 90 days on American soil! (as per the court records you can read on PACER at (case numbers 08-CR-09, and 07-CR-608 and 07-CV-3066 (All in the Eastern District of New York)

    And according to the P.I. in Canada who wrote an 11 page sworn report of his findings, the feds (FBI & SEC never even once bothered to interview Gorcyca's 6 alibi and 6 other defense witnesses. They knew this guy was innocent since day one but 20 years of false prosecution, extraditions and 3 years of pre-trial imprisonment will do wonders for killing's one morale and draining your bank account!

    Read the whole report by going to http://whyunclesamhatesbruce.blogspot and scroll about half way down. The whole site shows the worst possible side of American Justice System. I will be surprised if Gorcyca is still breathing 90 days from now.


    I think this is equally shameful...

    Where are the Human Rights Activists on this one?


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      Re: The Fake Extradition Of Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca

      Obviously this Gorcyca fellow knows more than he should!

      Summary... Arrested and extradited from Canada on fake charges that Judge Weinstein dismissed in a single hearing on December 19, 2007. Gorcyca is the rearrested on the same charges after being kidnapped from China by Division 5 FBI agents. Once again, and honest Judge Block refuses to play the frame game and dismisses the charges for a second time On November 21st. Will there be yet a third arrest on the same charges to keep this man silenced. Probably. In all the U.S. government has spent over $1 million to isolate and discredit Gorcyca. That must be one helluva book he wrote. I hope it gets published while he is still alive.

      BTW... According to Gorcyca's manuscripts, all LEGATS (Legal Attaches) at all foreign U.S. embassies are FBI lawyers, and apparently dirty tricks experts.


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        Re: The Fake Extradition Of Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca

        This topic is being heavily censored on the internet especially at Reddit and on big law forums. Why? I am trying to get to the bottom of this story but all the posts keep getting censored and the mods simply don't say why. I found this explanation at another forum... The government either tells Reddit what to delete or they do it directly IMO...


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          Re: The Fake Extradition Of Whistle Blower Bruce Gorcyca

          This item is back in the news with a China twist. read the "485 day" post here at


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