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Right of heir to see prior financial recorde of decedent

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  • Right of heir to see prior financial recorde of decedent

    Wife's mother recently died. The three children are heirs of her estate. One sister had been taking care of her mother's financial affairs for past 2 1/2 years via POA which ceases upon death. Wife is not a named Executor under the will.

    Wife used to get monthly consolidated bank statements on mother's cash and investments but statements stopped coming after older sister took over the money. Reasons were, "you don't need to see them" or "it's just too much trouble to make copies for you" and the best one "don't worry about them".

    Now it's time to probate the estate. Wife does not want to settle estate until she has the opportunity to go through monthly statements looking for any more "loans" by stster managing the money or other questionable checks that may have been written. We know of one prior loan that is being repaid monthly. A note was signed for that one. We're talking about approximately 30 months of statements. All statements are available from bank online but wife does not have online acess.

    Question is this. Does wife have a legal right to see all of the past financial reports up and until death of mother and probate and distribution is started? She (wife) knows there has to be disclosure and reporting from time of probate forward. This question covers period her sister took over managing mother's money up until her death.

    Also, can wife as an heir hold up distribution of assets until information is produced and she has opportunity to review the numbers?

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    Re: Right of heir to see prior financial recorde of decedent

    I wish to inform you that if your wife feels that there has been mis-utilization of funds then she can have bank statements for prior period through court order. In this regard, during discovery process in probate case your wife can demand these statements. If the other party refuses to provide the information then she may file motion to compel discovery of documents and obtain this information.



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