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Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

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  • Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

    My 13 year old daughter and I moved in with my boyfriend that was fired from his job 3 months later. He had gone through bankruptcy and had very little except a really nice house on the water that he had bought when he got married. He was also going through a divorce. I had a hefty savings from the sale of my home and from a 20 year previous marriage. I loaned my boyfriend $25,000.00 plus he put in the last of his money of 25,000.00 also to pay his exwife for the equity of their home. He promised to pay me back and did so by refinancing his home. Since he had no job I started paying all the bills. His truck payment of 515.00, his auto insurance of 100.00 , his house payment of 2,225.00, the electric, water, phone, food, and gas. Everything to run that household I payed for. He always promised that he would pay me back whenever he sold the house and I never doubted him since he did repay me before. We married February 14, 2005. I found out through a mutual friend of ours that he had put the house in a land trust in his sisters name 2 weeks before we were married. I did not know this until about 5 months after our marriage. He said he did it because he was getting into flipping houses with a friend by means of foreclosures. He said if anything went wrong he didnt want someone to come after our house. Our relationship had been rocky to say the least because of his financial situation and because of his lack or drive to get a job to support his family. We fought constantly and our marriage went downhill rapidly. We decide its time to try and sell our home so we put it on the market in March of 06. We put it on the market for 750,000.00 which was very reasonable for that home. We had lookers but no bites. It was right at the time when the bottom fell out of the market and homes were not moving period. My savings were shrinking faster and faster and I was extremely unhappy. He still was not bringing any money in. All along he reassured me that he would pay me my 50,000.00 which I had payed out for the past year and a half to keep the home a float. He made this promise to me in the presents of my daughter, to my brother and to my next door neighbor on several occasions. June of 06 came and I have now refused to make anymore house payments, his truck payments or his insurance payments and the only thing that I did pay was the electric and water. He was to say the least not at all happy. He is hispanic and has a very tight family back in Texas. He goes back over Labor Day weekend and returns with his mother. His house is in les pendence and approaching foreclosure. A realtor brings in some people that buys the house for $510,000.00. He had to sell it or loose it. He would profit 180,000.00 and I was so happy and he still at that time promised me and my daughter that he was going to pay me back. I knew that since this house was a pre marital property I had no right to any proceeds. All I wanted was the money he owed and promised me. Him and his mother basically through me and my daughter out of the house, got the money and headed back to Texas. He left us high and dry. My daughter and I got an apartment and moved in the first of October and I have very little left. Just enough now to pay next months bills. I am at a loss. I dont know what to do or where to turn. I cant afford an attorney to go after him. I have been told that what he did to me is called theft by deception. I have 3 witnesses that will go to court and testify on my behalf about being present when he swore he would pay me back after he sold the house. He has not filed taxes in 3 years. I have all of my bank statement from Jan 04 to Jan 07. I have plenty of proof. What is my recourse? Please help, I need it. My email is [email protected]

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    re: Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

    You can file suit but otherwise it may be hard to force him to pay. WLD could help track him down and put collection type pressures on him; that may cause him to pay if he wants to avoid the hassle. You would be in a stronger position if there was written evidence but witnesses and oral agreements can also prove that it was a loan.


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      re: Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

      Tracking him down is not a problem. I have his address and he is living with his mother. Would this suit be a part of my divorce? He robbed me of my daughters college money. Surely there has to be a way to get him to pay!


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        re: Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

        Yes that would all normally be handled in the divorce as assets and liabilities etc. are divided.


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          Re: Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

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            Re: Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

            I was married to my second husband for 2 years, my two sons are not from him. He told me when we were engaged he had some IRS debt but would be paid off in a few months. He "traveled" for work to Texas where his two sons and ex wife lived and he had an office there as well. He lived in Wa. with my and my two sons. He said because of this IRS debt his credit was not so good so when we bought a house he said we should put it in my name. I had about an 800 credit score and he knew this because he told me he ran my credit, without asking me. He was a financial planner/life insurance salesman. Said he had many "investors" and was making $1 million a year or more. I let him use my credit because he said he would easily pay it back next month. He used it for trips, flights, his office furniture, cars etc.($60K total) He wrote down on his notepad his commissions that were coming in and when and when he would have my credit paid off in a couple of months. Into the second year we were married he finally filed his taxes for the first year we were married. I was a stay home mom. He said I had to file "joint" on taxes with him or it would cost me $75K. I did. After a friend of mine looked him up on the county website for where we lived they showed me a print out of taxes he owed the IRS of almost 1 mill. I also found a debt of his from one of his Insurance Underwriters of $400k he got during our first year of marriage. Also a 100K lawsuit from another one. I have never owed the IRS any money, always got a refund. I kicked him out, filed for welfare, told the banks to come pick up the cars we were making payments on, stopped paying mortgage and went into foreclosure. I sold everything I could to get by and got a job. IRS kept any refund I would be allowed, I couldn't pay the $60 in credit debt so I shut off my phone and they mostly did a "charge off" which I am now having to pay taxes on it! They sent me a 1099-C. I don't have the money for that. He was ordered in the divorce to pay spousal support and the 60K. He did not. He said he was not making enough money. He went to work for a multifamily housing developer and continued getting investors and they were building apartments. The Washington State Securities Commission posted a document of a cease and desist for the company due to a complaint or something. In it they state that his employer had paid him $300k the year we got divorced and he was not paying me. This is an official court document by the state. He continued to groom people as his friend or "brother" and asked 2 more women to marry him and took their money, several hundred thousand from one of them. Said he was "investing" it. It was from her husband who was dying of cancer, he befriended them and prayed for them, he died, then conman moved in and took her money and her love. I tried to call the cops and ask to charge him with perjury but they said because it is already in the courts and is a "domestic" dispute I have to continue to got through the courts. I can't afford it! He is a criminal and I can't do anything because we married! He will never show up to court. I have a judgement against him but he didn't pay on that. He is being sued now by many people and has paid some back, but not me. I realize i cant get money from him but I do want him to stop and he never will because he is a desperate man who now owes IRS about 2 mill. I also caught him on adult dating sites when we were married and gay porn too. It seems I have absolutely no recourse without it costing me money for lawyers and him never showing up to court anyway. The bank also called me and asked me since I was unable to pay my loan back, where was my $400K I stated on my application I had. He evidently filled out the application with lies of my savings and had me sign it when it was still blank. He said he knew all my info and would complete it for me and I trusted him since he was a financial planner and a self proclaimed money guy. In my eyes that is Theft by Deception and perjury.


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              Re: Ripped off by husband... Theft by deception?

              See if the FBI is interested in pursuing RICO charges.
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