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Divorce and abuse questions in Texas

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  • Divorce and abuse questions in Texas

    In Texas do you get more money in the divorce if you prove that abuse is the reason you filed for the divorce and you prove the physical and mental abuse as well?

    Can he be arrested for the abuse, due to the presentation of filings and evidence, even during the weeks or months it takes to finish the divorce.
    Or is it too late since it was not reported before the divorce filing.
    Thank you for any information.

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    If a crime was committed it should be reported to the police.


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      I thought if for some reason it did not stick, I would really be in trouble and have no where to go.
      It's a scary feeling. Kinda hard to explain.


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        If the abuse increases your costs then yes possibly. But otherwise the two events are basically separate.

        Texas often splits somewhat equally all assets and debts accumulated during marriage. But special factors can change that, as your divorce lawyer can help explain, and you should have a lawyer in your situation.

        Abuse should be reported but it is understandable that you may need help or support in doing so. Reach out to abuse support groups of which there are many. Your divorce lawyer can also seek some temporary court orders to help protect you.


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          Thank so much BTW, it is nice to have somebody help comment on these matters.


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