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Friend has been kicked out her home by siblings

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  • Friend has been kicked out her home by siblings

    I have a friend who, except for going to college has lived at home. She worked until 2005 until she lost her job due to outsourcing. She stayed home to care for her elderly parents. Her mom is decesead. Her dad is in his upper 80's, has Parkinsons and some dementia.. She takes care of him 24/7. Her siblings seem to resent her. A couple of weeks ago she called 911 as her brother threatened to hurt her. I do not think he would have but she called anyway. Police came and he acted all sweet and she tried to defend herself verbally but the police took her and had her placed in a psych. ward. She ended up there for 9 days but never recd. any counseling. While in there, one of her sisters filed a court order against her for financial abuse. My friend did use her dad's credit card for everything. I do agree she over did it. She went to court this past week and asked for a court appointed atty. but the judge refused as she was not the petioner. She tried calling legal aid and was told they could not help her because of the restraining order. She asked her family for some money for an atty. and they refused. Her dad was assigned one. She does not work,and has no money. Her siblings have put her up in an extended stay place for 30 days but told her she needed to find an apt. While I agree she did abuse her dad's money, she did care for him. One sister told her that her dad was afraid of her. I do not believe for one second that is true. I do not think he knows what is going on and it would probably kill him if he did know. I think they should allow her to come back home but take over the finances and give her a budget. I think throwing her out in her condition is terrible. She is close to her dad. She cannot have any contact or go near the house or they could have her thrown in jail for 4 years. She is just devastated. She has offered to cash in her 401k but her dad said he does not want her doing that. She is going to file for disability. She says she can't work because of her knees. She is pretty heavy. She can do an office job. I have no idea how long it will take to find out if she can get disability. I still think she is entitled to a court appointed atty. if she can't afford one. She thinks her siblings are only worried about their inheritence.

    What can or should she do? She lives in the state of Missouri.

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    Re: Friend has been kicked out her home by siblings

    Well, firstly, obesity is not grounds for disability. It is something a person need not be, if they only eat right and exercise, and since she can work at some type of job, she won't be eligible for it.

    If she abused her father's finances, the family had every right to be concerned.

    The odd part of your story is that the police took her and placed her in a psych ward. That is very strange. Is your friend on drugs? Is she a problem drinker? Something extreme must have taken place for the police to come to that determination and action.

    Even murder defendants are entitled to court appointed lawyers. It's called due process, and everyone under the constitution is entitled to legal representation regardless of whether they are the petitioner or not. She was given very bad advice there.


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