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Seeking a 'Declaration of Nullity of Marriage' in the Philippines with minimal or no attorney participation

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  • Seeking a 'Declaration of Nullity of Marriage' in the Philippines with minimal or no attorney participation

    Hi. I'm an American living in the USA. I have a Filipina fiance living in the Philippines. She is married to a man who married once, never properly/formally ended that marriage, and then married my fiance using a forged/fraudulent failed search for marriage records/documents (CENOMAR - certificate of no marriage) with a Philippine Statistics Authority stamp on it that (obviously) is not to be found within the actual PSA database. However, the records of both marriages ARE found within that database.

    It's a simple bigamy case in which the (void) husband did not inform my fiance of his previous marriage. No shared child, properties or debts issues. The petitioner (my fiance) doesn't expect her 'Petition for Declaration of Nullity of Marriage' to be contested by the void husband, he being of interest to the NBI for other financial fraud schemes. Note that this is a nullity (void ab initio) case and not an anullment case. I have already bundled all the evidence (authentic PSA documents, the fraudulent CENOMAR, and an aborted Petition for Declaration of Presumptive Death which may not be needed), an affidavit from the petitioner, and her petition itself into a zip file. I included only the introductory language of the attorney interview of the petitioner in the affidavit, since it's my understanding that the attorney may not be 'coached' as to the content of the interview of the petitioner. Actually, I'm not even certain that such an interview is even required under Philippine law.

    I'm seeking information as to exactly what is required to proceed to the court for submission of her petition with minimal participation (if any) of an attorney, I being willing to save her the legal fees as much as possible, we both being poor. Could you look over the zip contents, review the simple case, and tell me how to obtain 'certified true' copies of documents and whatever other formalities/hurdles are required (like participation of a notary public)? I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee for the time of an attorney qualified to practice or give advice about Philippine Family Law. Thank you.
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