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Ex Husband left country to avoid paying spousal support

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    Re: Ex Husband left country to avoid paying spousal support

    It is not uncommon in some courts to broker lifetime support to a former disabled spouse as they are not capable of earning a normal income.

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    Why do you feel entitled to his money when you don't live together? To be clear, if it was child support, I would agree 100%, but you should have some really good reason for why it is fair to live off someone else's income, that probably don't even want much to do with you. If you in a major way supported him during his education, or he forced you to quit your career, I would have sympathy, but otherwise, I think you should focus on solving your own problems, on your own.
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      Re: Ex Husband left country to avoid paying spousal support

      As a matter of fact, That is the case. When we first got married, one day he came home from work (He had a well paying job with good benefits) and told me he had quit his job to finish his MBA full time. He had not discussed this with me prior to quitting the job and because I had 2 small children from my previous marriage, it was necessary for me to work 3 jobs to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Then he took a commission based job and I had to work approx. 60 hours a week at the job I had then, again to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. Many years later (we were married 18 years) I was working at a university and my friend (the Director for Continuing Education) was looking for someone to teach a into to Business course and I suggested my husband (since he had completed his MBA) and from there I encouraged him to get his PHD, which he did, but had to go out of province to do so, and when he was working on his PHD (and coming home for breaks) I discovered he was cheating on me with multiple women. So, YES, I did support him and encourage him throughout our marriage and now he is reaping the benefits of my sacrifices (Oh I should mention that working 3 jobs and 60 hour work weeks left me in fragile health and I am now on a disability pension that does not even cover my bills and THAT is why it is important for me to get this support, also my ex agreed to spousal support in not one but two separate documents that he signed off on, so he has no excuse not to pay it, If he had wanted out of paying this support he could have gone to court and argued to have the amount reduced or ended but he did neither, he just stopped paying.


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        Re: Ex Husband left country to avoid paying spousal support

        I was informed by FSOS (Federal Support Order Services) That I could indeed get the total (which is now over 75k) reduced to a judgement and suspend all further support payments. However, it was the opinion of my worker, that this "work around" would not hold up in court as the money owing is still for spousal support and not child support and the Wisconsin State judicial system does not collect for out of state "support orders"


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          Re: Ex Husband left country to avoid paying spousal support

          Originally posted by SupportAttyGuy View Post
          You wish.
          What do you know? Where did you study the law? On international collection of judgments? I studied in law school. And you?


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            Re: Ex Husband left country to avoid paying spousal support

            Hunt him down and sue his butt!

            That's the answer to that issue!
            And don't let anybody tell you it can't be done.


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