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  • Open Adoption Back Child Support Tax Return Mess-

    I have 3 Children, or rather, I Had 3 Children... After 5 Years with my Nutjob Ex Wife, and a whole lot of drama, Child Welfare Took my Kids, and the path to return them to my home was more problems than it was worth. I finally Signed the paperwork for Open Adoption, and long story short, They are all in the same home, happy and healthy-
    However, While CSD had custody, Child support started building against me Until the day the paperwork was signed.- its been a couple years since, and it didnt occur to me until after I filed my Return this year, but I still owe about as much as My return will be, (1,700$)- I am out of work at the moment, and Desperately need.that money-

    The State already took my kids, how is it they can still expect to take money from me , when i can barely survive off of what I earn?


    Can I do anything at such short notice so my refund comes to me? I wholeheartedly beleive in child support, but I know that not a single dime of what i pay will benefit my children, so i have no interest in paying it- I feel the I should have any Moral or Ethical reason to pay that either-


    *Im not interested in negative comments about being a responsible parent etc.. blah blah... You know nothing of what It took from my Soul, for me to sign the paperwork to ensure my kids could be raised without their mother around, bringing along her Violence, Destructiveness, Lies, Anger, Malice, and so on... (she tried to stab me while I was holding my 3 month old daughter, because I refused to take the day off from work so she didnt have to endure the rigors of babysitting all day-) So please keep On topic if you are going to reply to me-


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    Re: Open Adoption Back Child Support Tax Return Mess-

    You owe it, that's how. No, you can't do anything to change it (doing rapid refund will not circumvent the process). Your children ALREADY received the benefit, what you're paying reimburses whomever covered the costs to feed, clothe and shelter them when you couldn't or wouldn't.


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