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Valerie Houghton sex trafficked all of my kids - then had me poisoned when I complained

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  • Valerie Houghton sex trafficked all of my kids - then had me poisoned when I complained

    I told my attorney, Valerie Houghton, that my ex was letting an older man molest our 13 year old son. She mostly ignored me. Furthermore, I was not permitted to discuss it with my son.

    There was a hearing about two weeks after I told Ms. Houghton about my son. My ex not only disclosed that she had hidden $130,000 worth of gold coins, but also agreed to divide them.

    I was in complete shock. Ms. Houghton never even said that it was a possibility. I never thought that I would see those coins again because my ex is GREEDY.

    We each got $25,000 worth. The remaining $80,000 went to my attorney to be held in trust.

    I fired Ms. Houghton after that hearing. She went on to represent my ex without telling me. I was subsequently cut out of my children's lives.

    I asked the judge to tell me why I could not contact my kids. He spent several minutes on the computer, but could not provide an answer of any kind.

    After the divorce was finalized, I checked Ms. Houghton's website. She listed the judge a personal reference and a former employer.

    My son recently turned 18, so I was able to see him. He confirmed that he had indeed been molested. The other 3 have also shown strong indications of being sexually abused, but I cannot confirm it because I have not seen them in almost 8 years.

    I told my son to go report it to the police. A week and a half later the judge filed an order on HIS OWN ACCORD. He ordered that I could only have supervised visitation with my ADULT son.

    I ended up making complaints against Ms. Houghton and the judge. I was then hacked, stalked, harassed, and even poisoned. All of my organs are now damaged, my testicles have atrophied, and the shape of my face has changed.

    Valerie says that she "lost a lot of business" because of my complaints. She also says that she "can do whatever [she] wants, whenever [she] wants."

    You can read my formal complaints here:

    You can see what the poison did to me here:

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    Valerie destroyed the lives of all my kids.

    She didn't even care that the youngest was just two years old.


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      Watch Valerie Houghton joke that molesting goats (kids) is not reportable.

      It is all a joke to her.


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        Valerie has sex tarfficked many, many kids. I have found another 6 children just by doing an internet search, making the total 11 with mine.

        In one case, the protective parent was given a retraining order on the same date (Sept. 17) that I received one TWICE.

        They say that you can't hide your behavior. There is always a pattern.

        In the second case, Valerie was an expert witness for 3 young girls that were sexually abused. They had to wait until they were 18 to sue the perpetrator.

        You can read the decription of what was done here:


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          Valerie says that “she lost a lot of business.” One might think that a change of course might be useful to her. Sadly, this is not the case.

          You can clap near her face and snap your fingers around her ears. It won’t get her attention. She is like a rabid dog, biting others with her foam covered teeth without cause or abatement.


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            There are no rules when Valerie is on your case.

            She makes it clear that you must do what she says. It's not just in terms of stalking, hacking, violence, and sex trafficking. Valerie won't even stand for you firing her.

            Valerie told me that the judge "would be mad" at me if I did so.

            The hearing after I fired her the judge vacated all of my hearings without my consent, including ones pertaining to custody and visitation. He also vacated a trial for a restraining order, but the judge still kept a TRO going.

            The worst part is that Houghton was representing my ex-wife without disclosure to me. She just never stopped tampering.

            With Valerie there are no rules inside the court, or out of it.

            Don't think that because you are paying her that everything will go your way. It has nothing to do with that.

            Valerie only cares about her own interests. While my ex got sole custody and a restraining order, she got extorted for $80K because of the sexual abuse. There will likely be payments until all the kids turn 18. The biggest mistake that I made in my divorce was telling her about the sexual abuse.

            It didn't matter to Valerie one bit that my son was suicidal and in pain. She also didn't think twice about separating me from my kids without cause for the last 8 years. She knew that this was her opportunity to take complete control over my ex and the proceedings.

            Don't let the fact that she is a licensed therapist fool you. Valerie Houghton is cold blooded, callous, and selfish.


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              You can see what Valerie Hougton did to me.

              This is what Valerie Houghton did to me. All of my organs are now damaged, my testicles have atrophied, and the shape of my face has changed. I have also lost a significant amount of sensation accross my entire body. In addition to being a lawyer and therapist, Valerie Houghton is also a registered nurse who used to specialize in medical malpractice.

              Valerie Houghton gloats about what she does. I was directed to view these social media posts.
              Click image for larger version

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