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DCSS and request for review of child support

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  • DCSS and request for review of child support

    Will DCSS consider initiating a review of child support 10 months before the child ages out? I am the NCP and with issues of short staffing and heavy case loads for the case workers I want to allow enough time to complete the review.

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    How would strangers on the internet know what any DCSS would or would not do.

    Call them up and ask.


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      It can't hurt to file it. The worst that can happen is that they tell you it will be delayed a bit.
      But calling them first indeed might save you some work and time.


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        I did call and of course nothing moves along at a decent pace. Getting a hold of ANYONE at DCSS is a challenge in itself. My question was posted in the event ANYONE may have filed more than 6 months and had a review that went through or if it was rejected due to it being file more than 6 months before the child ages out. I have “ future pay “ ( overpayment ) applied to my case and do not want to pay anymore than necessary.


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          The odds of any early review, especially now, are very limited.
          If they do not explicitly tell you they will do so, then don't waste your time now--though you can prepare your documents etc.


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