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My wife left me to an empty house in Georgia and ran to Florida

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  • My wife left me to an empty house in Georgia and ran to Florida

    My wife left me to an empty house in Georgia and ran just after our child was born. She then had Child Support filed and set visitation/seperation requirements with child support. She has always refused me to see my child ever since. A few months ago, I had an officer in Florida go by to do a child check. He found the house empty and for sale. A neighbor said she moved but doesn't know where other than a few cities away. I called the city police there and told them I'd been looking for them for over a week and he told me get a lawyer.. on a missing persons! She's required by child support to provide current address and the same to me. Now I want to just divorce her since reconciliation apparently won't happen but I don't know where she is and previous attempts at divorce have been refused by her. Now I'm stuck with no idea where my wife and child are and can't see my child or know her well being. What can I do!! Child support tells me call cops, cops tell me nothing they can do! It's basically kidnap, but I'd rather just get this divorce done and find where she is! PLEASE help.

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    You need a lawyer.


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      Report to Child Support that she is not providing an address as required and in fact has disappeared. Ask them to make sure she complies. Be persistent. They will help you get her back on track.

      Holding back one payment might also get her and their attention, if need be.

      You don't need a lawyer yet. Don't waste the money until you are ready to file for divorce. In that case you don't need her address anyway.



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        You absolutely need a Lawyer. In meantime report this to child support etc. Is there a court order or are you just paying support? You dont mention divorce until end or a "legal" separation. So is there a a court ordered support?


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          In your case, it is better to concentrate on the exemption from alimony. The main condition is that the child comes of age. However, suppose the difficult financial situation of the payer makes him think about how not to pay child support. In that case, he can suspend child support or be released from it under certain circumstances. I personally had to build a new house, by selling the old one to get rid of debt. Grounds for early termination of alimony are: Challenging the paternity of the payor, i.e., if the child is not a descendant of the alimony obligor.


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