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Need advice... Should I go to court and get my daughter back?

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  • Need advice... Should I go to court and get my daughter back?

    I had a daughter in 95 with my ex husband, When I left my ex husband I left my daughter with some friends to keep her safe. George my ex, went behind my back and signed custody over to them. I found myself in court a month later. I was not allowed an attorney, I was not able to see my baby who was then 4 months old. I was told by Cathy and Jimmys attorney that the baby was better off with them becouse they had more money and a single woman could not take care of a baby alone. therfor the judge gave them full custody of my daughter.

    I was allowed to visit my daughter once a week for 1 hour. Only about 10 times did they allow me to have my daughter at my home. they paid my exhusband money to sign the adoption papers. he was not a legal citizen of the U.S. (not sure if that makes any difference)

    My 2nd husband and I moved to maine for 2 years and I called all the time to see how things were. Christmas of 2005 I was told that Jimmy had passed away. Leaving only Cathy with Jessica my daughter. We are now back in North Carolina my question is this. Cathy will not allow me to talk to Jessica or to come and visit. I still have her christmas presents from 2 years ago that is how long it has been, she wont allow me to even mail here. Should I go to court and get my daughter back, She is now 12 years old. Or is any of the stuff even legal where they had george sign the papers and he wasnt even a legal citizen.

    I love my daughter and want her back my second husband and I tried to do it about 7 years ago but we didnt have the money to afford a lawyer. Or is there a way I can force her to allow me to see my daughter? Jimmy was the only reason why I allowed them to keep Jessica and now that he is gone Cathy is not allowing me any contact, she didnt even like me going there when Jimmy was alive. I believe she forgot who the mother is.


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    re: Need advice... Should I go to court and get my daughter back?

    If you are stable etc. a judge will normally give custody back to a biological mom--or gradually increase contact at least.


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