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Sexual relations with a girl: What are my legal options or repercussions?

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  • Sexual relations with a girl: What are my legal options or repercussions?

    Ok so back in October of 2001 I had sexual relations with a girl, who told me she was already 2months pregnuat, this lasted all of a week and 2 encounters in Texas. She would randomly/regularly contact me up until about 8 months and I believe the baby was born when she till contacted me, I am unable to remember. We were both in the Miliatary at the time she went to another base in Tx I wound up in MD, and I believe 2-3year later she gets out, but I'm still in. Over 4 years later from the Encounter,I get a random Email from her now Husband/Fiance/boyfriend(I dunno) saying that she wants me to contact her about something very important. So I do and as I figerued she tells me that it is her belief that I am the baby's Father. I ask her about her telling me that she was already pregnaunt, and accorrding to her she thought she but later she wasnt but then preg. again(Say What??) and apparently she tells me that the orginal "supposed" father and I have similar features. Apparently he took a test and it determinded he was not the father. I ask a few questions about the baby birthdate/weight it KINDA adds up, but all the info I have is what she is telling, also she made no mention about child support at the time. I asked her to send me recent pictures and the conversation. Only pictures I got were baby one's(even my parents thought the child did not resemble me) mind you the child would have been almost 4 when she contacted me. I maintained no futher contact with her as I felt she was just picking out the guys that she could get a hold of. so then nearly 10 months after that Today my wife recieves this through
    " i really hate to bother you. but could you please have your husband email me or call. it's about my daughter...and i kinda need his help. well-we have to get a paternity test done first...but would you please have him get ahold of me-asap??? thank you so much!!!" I'm also unsure of her current location.

    What future actions are in my best intrests?

    What can she do to me?

    I was going to continue to ingnore contact with her, until she went through the legal process to make me get the test done.

    If I am the Father, I do not wish to pay childsupport, I would rather try to gain custody of her rather then her to continue live with the mother. That statement may also scare into not wanting to do it, but thats how I feel. Should I tell her this?

    I believe the only way this could be kept from happening is if her current Husband(I believe they are married) were to adopt the child,yes? would that action void back pay child support from me?

    Do I ask for a birth certificate?

    What do I do?!?!?

    Mr. Confused-what-to-do

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    re: Sexual relations with a girl: What are my legal options or repercussions?

    if you take the test, and are her father, you will have to pay support. If you are the father, you will have equal right to the child. I highly doubt that they will give you custodial rights when the daughter has lived with her mother for the past 4 years, they will not up root her and give her to a father that she doesn't even know. They would only do that if the mother was truly unfit to parent, and that is hard to prove. Try for shared legal, and physical custody, that way you both will have equal say in the child's life. It may take a while to get this since you have been absent for 4 years. you should be able to find your state laws on google. good luck


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      re: Sexual relations with a girl: What are my legal options or repercussions?

      So today I get this
      "hey! omigoodness. thanks. so... here's the deal. My parents still have my daughter. they won't let me have her back. and now-they are trying to adopt her. i have to go to court to fight to get her back ...(it's stupid..apparently b/c my parents pretty much kidnapped my kid-i have no rights...i don't get it...) but... anyways. if we can get you tested... you can have a say in this too. as far as taking the rights away from my parents. my husband is military-and if you enter into military (her dad-and her mom's husband...) it will look very good...not too mention the attorney said courts are always willing to go towards the biological parents. if you're willing to help-and get tested and such. i will talk to the attorney and ask how to go about it. i have untill the ** of march to send back a written response to the adoption thing. anyways. thank you."
      I reply:
      "What if I'm not the Father?"

      Her Reply:
      well-i really don't see hwo that's possible...but if you're not-then won't hurt me too much really-as far as the court battle goes. it would just help tremendously "if" you are

      this is all up to you. either way-i am thinking i have a somewhat decent chance of fighting this... just cause courts prefer to put kids with their biological parent's unless they are unfit...which i am not at all.
      My Reply:
      "Well "if" this was my child and I was to become involved, I would try and gain custody or recommend the judge to allow your parents to adopt her. You should have had your husband adopt her in the 1st place after you were married and this would have never been an issue, further more I would also like to talk with your parents to get a better understanding of why they do not want to return her to you."


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