Six years ago, my wife took half our tax return, loaded everything up and took my kids, giving me no choice. She moved to Indiana, where she stayed with her sister. Next I recieved an email from her saying that she was moving back with the kids, but that she wanted to visit her mother in NC for a visit while she was over there. She never came back, she moved to NC. She then filed a restraining order on me based on false information from across the country, where I could not possibly defend myself. I was served with the order 1 day before the court day 3000 miles away. After that she says that she has filed a divorce, although I have never been served with it. I have been served with child support, however in the state of NC, support, custody, and divorce are legaly seperate issues. I am still being billed by NC even though she does not live there anymore, she has moved to maryland to be in the navy. I need to know where to start, there is not a doubt in my mind that she has filed the divorce and custody, and simply never served me with them, even though my contact information has alway been available to her and has not changed.