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Do I have a chance seeing as how this has already been ruled?

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  • Do I have a chance seeing as how this has already been ruled?

    My wife and I divorced March of this year. We have a soon to be 4 year old child together who has medical issues and must eat with a feeding tube and has other equipment to help with his condition. When the divorce was final I think there was a custody finalization too, I have paperwork for my son alone stating that she is primary and I am secondary, the child support and what not. Well, I get to see my son once a week if that and I have to pay her $75 a week adding up to $300 a month. In the paperwork, it states his medical condition and due to that I am not allowed to have him overnights because of lugging his equipment and having to make arrangements with his nurse (s) it also states that I must visit with my son at my ex-wifes home or I can take him for the day. She demands that I see him more often or she will make me choose between my new family and my son, She makes it so hard to see him though. As of right now, I am getting married again and this is a little difficult for my wife to be mainly because my ex-wife upsets me so much and she hates me going over there. I was getting over nights and days with him up until the point I took him to a different city where i now live. (I use to live in Tampa, fl and now 45 min away in St. Petersburg, fl). She was furious and wouldn't let me see him at all after that, she said I make bad decisions regarding him. I want to take her to court for sometype of custody or visitation where i get to see him more, but do I have a chance seeing as how this has already been ruled this way? It did state that we could later re-visit the decision and make new arrangements based on his improvement or non-improvement but this only took place March 9th of this year, is it too soon? Can I do this? Right now she lives with her parents and is getting married too, I think she really wants me out of the picture but to have her money. What do I do? We really don't have the money for an attorney because of just moving, the holidays, and getting married.

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    re: Do I have a chance seeing as how this has already been ruled?

    Well first of all I understand that this is a hard situation.. Yes you can refile for visitation now that you have a permant home for him with his condition it will depend on how it is going.. First there is several things you can do to help that situation, You could get the equipment that he needs for the ride to your home on weekends since it is only 45 minutes away again depends on the situation.. you can also have a nurse that is on stand by in your home town like ahome nurse which is nice to have.. they are willing to work with any-one..She/Him can come in on Friday when he arrives and stay with him the time that he is there.. that would show the judge that you made every step for him to visit.. I know it's alot of time and money but to see your child is important..If you can't do that then you can file for more visitation time thru the courts and if she's causing problems while you are visiting your child you can ask the judge if there is some way that she or whom ever is causing problems can leave while you visit which is hard but ask if there is some-one that can come in and sit with you while you visit so there is no problems and most judges will allow it.. and he will order more visitation for you and someone to come into the home and sit with you so they can see and observe you while you visit to see how every-one reacts to the visitation and then they may make other arrangements from there.. But you have the right to file for a change of visitation at any time march was like 8 months ago so that is more than 6 months never loose your chance to spend every moment with your child cause you never know what could happen...1 day a week is not enough..ask for more..3 times a week is good too.. I hope I helped... Good Luck..


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