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Ex bf not acknowledging pregnancy--help!

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  • Ex bf not acknowledging pregnancy--help!

    found out that I am pregnant and told my (now) x-boyfriend. He assumed that I am only a few weeks along, but I am almost 5 months along. I tried contacting him to tell him this, but he said that if I call him again, that he will charge me with harassment. (I've only called him twice and sent him 2 letters on the past 2 months since finding out).

    How can I let him know how far along I am and that, according to my doctor, my pregnancy is already "high risk" (because of my age) and I need his family medical history?

    I tried calling 4 lawyers in my area and they told me that they cannot handle my issue until after the baby is born and its proven that he is the father.

    Also, Would just like the opportunity to speak with my ex-boyfriend before the baby is born in order to have things be less stressful for me & to let him know that I am not out to "get him", as he may think. We had a very good relationship before all of this and it hurts me to know that he doesn't want to talk to me when I need him most. I am fully capable of raising this child on my own.

    Any suggestions on the legal side of things?

    ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated as this stress is really making this pregnancy even more risky than it already is. Thank you

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    Re: Ex bf not acknowledging pregnancy--help!

    WLD has mailed you privately.


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      Re: Ex bf not acknowledging pregnancy--help!

      Okay this might help and it may not.. But you said that you are 5 months pregnant you have called him and sent 2 letters to him stating you were 5 months pg and needed him to help with the family history to have no reply.. Stop calling him and sending letters.. First of all there isn't much you can do right now to get his Family history cause you are not married and you can't prove the child is his till it's born.. Now you have the word of you that you have contacted him y calling and writing a letter for Family History.. If there is anything wrong with that child when it's born you can file for Full Custody of that child when it's born in the courts and make sure there is a paternity test done to prove the child is his and when he starts to fight for custody you explain to the courts that you tried to get him involved in this when you were pregnant to get information and he refused.. The judge will take that into consideration when it comes to custody and visitation and child support.. Now you can file a pettion for a DNA Test while you are pg but it hurts but they can do it..You can also file in the courts a pettion for Family History for the sake of a unborn child and the high risk that you are and the some judges allow that they will pull his and his family records and they will fax them to your local doctor office for your doctors records so that if something does happen to the child he will have that information just go to your local court house and ask them what papers you need to file and they will help you.. That is the best information that I can give you..


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        Re: Ex bf not acknowledging pregnancy--help!

        good answer!


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