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ex-bf not acknowledging pregnancy. help!

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  • ex-bf not acknowledging pregnancy. help!

    I found out that I am pregnant and told my (now) x-boyfriend. He assumed that I am only a few weeks along, but I am almost 5 months along. I tried contacting him to tell him this, but he said that if I call him again, that he will charge me with harassment. (I've only called him twice and sent him 2 letters on the past 2 months since finding out).

    How can I let him know how far along I am and that, according to my doctor, my pregnancy is already "high risk" (because of my age) and I need his family ,medical history?

    I tried calling 4 lawyers in my area and they told me that they cannot handle my issue until after the baby is born and its proven that he is the father.

    ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated as this stress is really making this pregnancy even more risky than it already is. Thank you

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    Re: ex-bf not acknowledging pregnancy. help!

    you could try to get a hearing in family court and ask a judge to order it based on emergency circumstances, if they exist

    you might be able to do so yourself without a lawyer if you have to


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      Re: ex-bf not acknowledging pregnancy. help!

      HI thanks for the reply, but family court has told me that I can't do naything until after the baby is born, but I would like to have his (the father's) medical history ASAP in case there is anything that may not be compatible with my history.

      Also, Would just like the opportunity to speak with my ex-boyfriend before the baby is born in order to have things be less stressful for me & to let him know that I am not out to "get him", as he may think. We had a very good relationship before all of this and it hurts me to know that he doesn't want to talk to me when I need him most.

      Any other suggestions on the legal side of things?


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        Re: ex-bf not acknowledging pregnancy. help!

        There really isn't a whole lot that you can do if your local agency won't help you get his history till the child is born then there isn't much you can do.. I understand that you have concerns about the high risk in pregnancy but if your not having problems right now then I would leave it alone and stop stressing and causing stress to get the information but if there is medical conditions with the baby then you can call you a lawyer and explain that you are having complications with the baby and your doctor is requesting medical history on the father of the baby and he's refusing and there is some chance that there is medical problems with the baby and they will help you and that means you can go to the local state agency too for a low income attorney.. but if there isn't no risk right now with the baby and you are stressing cause the doc says you are high risk and you need to stop stressing then please stop cause there is no reason to stress over medical records if there isn't anthing wrong with the child.. Now again if there starts to be problems then have the doctor right a letter stating that there is medical needs for the child and he needs the history of the father you take that to the local court house and agency and they will get you the information you need but with out that doctor statement you won't get any-where cause that is saying there isn't nothing wrong at this time..Good Luck.. I hope this is enough information...


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