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Is it true that my ex husband can stop paying child support at any time?

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  • Is it true that my ex husband can stop paying child support at any time?

    is it true that my ex husband can stop paying child support at any time and i have no legal right to fight this . we have been to the child support agency but because there is no property involed and i dont live off the state they wont help.If you could advise me i would be very greatful thankyou

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    That is not true. If a court order for support exists he must pay or he will be held in contempt of court. Long term failure to pay may also result in criminal law proceedings.


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      Re: Ch.Sppt 10-17-06

      Definately not true. I am going through the same thing right now. Unfortunately finances aren't good, but I'm getting help through the Child Support Enforcement Office via the Dept. of Human Services. It's not the quickest, so if you can afford other means you might want to do that. Although if I understand correctly, If your ex pays you, even if it's just a part of it, there is really not much you can do at that point. My ex has played that game w/me before. This just runs me out of any funds I may have to fight him. The good thing about trying to fight him is that you can show the court after x amount of times, exactly how many times he's done this. Can you get his wages garnished? It might help. Wish I could be of more help. Believe me I need the help too. Best of luck.


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        Helpful comments--I face the smae nightmare with my ex. It just keeps going on and on. I wish the court would get tougher with him and fast.


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          Re: child support

          Okay first of all yes he can wish to stop paying his support but this is the thing in most states I know US for one if you get so far behind in support they will suspend your drivers license till you pay the amount or at least half the amount that is owed.. Next you can file a paper in the court system where the case is at the paper you file is contempt of non support file this form and you can get this from your local FOC worker and if they won't give you one then go to the clerks office in the family divison and they will help you with the form and then you file that form and it will go in front of the judge and he will see that he hasn't kept up on his support and then ask the FOC agency why they haven't attempted to gain support from him it will be on them ask the judge to garnish his wages and make sure you have his employers address and name and the company name where he works and that will start a garnishment from his check and if he quits that job the support keeps going up and it can end up placing him in jail till he can pay it.. it's that simple plus you can also go to this site I can't remember the name of it off of hand but they help parents that are not recieving there support from the father or mother whom has to pay and trust me they will get it..Good Luck..


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            Re: Is it true that my ex husband can stop paying child support at any time?

            I know of some that dont work and of course dont pay and then live with their ex in Calif. A real piece of
            work that the tax payers have to deal with.


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