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Can red light cameras still detect me?

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  • Can red light cameras still detect me?

    In sf. I’m getting it fixed but my rear plate got bent at the edge. I can make the 8 out but barely. However my front plate is still legible although bent. If I ran a red light on accident how likely is it that I can be tracked by my front plate?

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    I wish to inform you that camera may detect your number plate from front if it is legible. If your vehicle number are clear from the angle at which camera is placed then your vehicle may be tracked. After catching image the back end software through various process read vehicle number. If image taken is such that back end software is able to drive your vehicle number then you may be held liable for violation of law.



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      You've been all over the internet with that question and have been told numerous times that the cameras can and will get photos of your plates and it's inevitable that you'll be pulled over and cited for them.


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        Well I’m relieved it is still legible. I definitely won’t want it not to be.


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