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Do tickets from Ohio follow me into Calif when I move there?

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  • Do tickets from Ohio follow me into Calif when I move there?

    Do tickets from Ohio follow me into Calif when I move there or will insurers not know that when I have the new license.

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    California and Ohio are members of the Drivers License Compact and routinely exchange information. Yes, it's quite possible that your citations will be on record in California for your insurance company.

    Besides, when you apply for insurance in California, will you lie about your record when asked?

    If you do, you risk having your claims denied and your policy rescinded when you need it most.

    Answer all questions truthfully and pay the appropriate rates.


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      Can an insurer in the US , Calif e.g., really deny all coverage (like if you totaled your car) if you failed to report an accident on your application or falsely said no tickets or accidents when it is not true?
      Is that legal? Just curious. It seems like a big potential penalty for a smaller infraction.

      Not that I would do that...I am moving to CA in January, just curious.


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        All insurance policies, no matter what kind, have prohibitions against concealment, misrepresentations and/or fraud. My sample of a California auto policy says:

        We do not provide coverage for any "insured" who has made fraudulent statements or engaged in fraudulent conduct in connection with any accident or loss for which coverage is sought under this policy.

        There are thousands of appellate case decisions throughout the US upholding an insurance company's right to deny coverage and rescind policies when lies are discovered.

        If you lie on an application for coverage, you will get caught, generally when the claim is thoroughly investigated. Claims adjusters are highly trained to discover fraud.

        Not that I would do that

        Just wanted to point out that insurance fraud is no "smaller infraction."

        For an insurance company to justify denial and rescission it must show that the lie was material to the underwriting of the policy with one or more of the following elements:

        1 - The policy would not have been written.
        2 - The policy would have been written at a higher cost.
        3 - The policy would have been written with a modification of coverage.


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          I think you were right with all of that, at one point in the process I did have a very long extensive conversation with my agent who basically reiterated what you were saying as well, thanks!


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