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Car Accident/Careless Driving/ Week later another ticket following too close in NJ

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  • Car Accident/Careless Driving/ Week later another ticket following too close in NJ

    Okay so 2013 SUCKS!

    We will start in 2012 then go into my horrible start to the new year.

    In 2012 I got my first ticket which I feel was lame and should have gone to court to get it lowered but I figured it was my first and only ticket so it would not be that bad. I had already lost most of my sick days at a job I had just started in same year due to a being rear ended while sitting at a red light so I didnt want to take yet another day off to go to the court. A decision I am now regretting.

    I was pulled over for and ticketed for improper passing along with about 8 other cars. The one road (one lane each way) out of my town ends at a traffic light with 2 lanes. Both lanes make a right onto a 2 lane highway, the right lane allows you to turn on red and the other lane does not. SO everyone goes for the right lane even though they never get a chance to turn while the light is red due to traffic. This leaves the other lane empty and backs up and slows down traffic. I was positioned right where the one lane turns into a two lane and saw the left lane not being used. In order to go into the left lane my tires on the one side of my truck just barely crossed the yellow line in the middle of the road. I got pulled over for it in addition to the 8 other cars behind me that did the same thing. I was given an improper passing ticket.

    This has not bothered me until this year. I was involved in a car accident, this time my fault. I had my sick daughter with me (doctors appointment) with a 103 degree fever (this is after being administered a fever reducer) and she was crying and miserable so like most parents I reached in the back seat to hand her something and did not see the guy in front of me stop and I rear ended him. I was given a careless driving ticket which I went to court for and was told by the public defender to plea not guilty and receive a new court date. I did this and am now waiting for the letter for the new court date where I have no idea what is going to happen at.

    Now the icing on the cake. I was pulled over today on my way to work by an unmarked car that started in front of me. He then got behind me and pulled me over. I was just returning back to work from the accident I had and the flu and still not in tip top shape. Apparently I was to close to him and he gave me a ticket for following too close (5 points).

    I want to take a defensive driving course to hep reduce all of these points and show the court I have taken the initiative to correct my actions. The course says it can reduce 2 points and dismiss my ticket. My question is do I do this before I see anyone at the court or should I wait? Also, what ticket would be dismissed and what does that truly mean?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Car Accident/Careless Driving/ Week later another ticket following too close in N

    The entire thing falls apart at the point you said PD. You really need to find the money for an attorney, to negotiate down the last ticket. The problem is doing so, will endanger the qualification for the PD on ticket 2. We do not know your state, so we cannot comment on traffic school options.
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      Re: Car Accident/Careless Driving/ Week later another ticket following too close in N

      Thank You Disagreeable,

      Unfortunely money for a lawyer is non existent. My home got broken into, destroyed, and robbed at the end of 2012 and just 1 week ago the same day my husband and I both got paid someone got into our bank accounts and wiped them clean. We have $0 and the bank will not give any of it back until after they investigate for a minimum of 10 days. No gas money, food money or money to pay my daughters daycare so no lawyer either.

      Like I said 2013 SUCKS!

      Thank you for responding, your input is much appreciated!



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        Re: Car Accident/Careless Driving/ Week later another ticket following too close in N

        There are lawyers who specialize in traffic ticket cases and I would seek the advice of one asap. Some advertise "no points, no school" and represent for a nominal fee.

        If we knew what state you were ticketed in that might help.

        In the meantime, the excuses you are making for having violated traffic laws, "sick child", "reaching into the back seat", etc. "feeling lame" will carry little weight in court. If you cannot afford an attorney, then take your lumps, the best you can negotiate with the court.


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          Re: Car Accident/Careless Driving/ Week later another ticket following too close in N

          Friend In Court,

          I did not mean for any of my post to sound like excuses. Sorry you interpreted it that way. Knowing we are all humans and have bad days and make choices that at the time seem okay but later realize are wrong, I wanted to give a picture of what was going on at the time of everything. I am fully aware that I am responsible for the actions and choices I made on these days and admit to them. I actually had a hard time saying not quilty at the court in regards to the carless driving ticket I received from my accident but I followed the strong advice I was given at the court. Someone has to be quilty for it to have happened and it was certainly not the guys that I hit.

          I have never had anything on my license and have never had to go to court for anything so I am not aware of options that are available to people in these situations.

          This all happened in NJ.

          I appreciate the information you have provided me and will certainly look into it.

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