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CA Speeding ticket, not me driving, TBD

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  • CA Speeding ticket, not me driving, TBD

    I know we've all heard the storys, "it wasn't me driving" and I know we've all heard "it really wasn't". But here is my story and I'm looking for some advice.

    I was out in Laguna Beach, CA on vacation for 4th of July. When the vacation was over I started home. Home is in Phoenix, AZ so naturally I took the I-10 east back home. 3 was three of us in the car, my brother driving, his girlfriend in shotgun and me in the back.

    Now I know that while my brother was driving he was speeding... How fast? I don't know exactly while I was sleeping in the back seat only woken every now and then from being jarred by bumps in the road, from wind noise, etc... About 5 miles from the Arizona border he pulls in for gas in Blythe, wakes me up and says it my turn to finish the trip home. Easy enough.

    I get back on the I-10 east and I wasn't on the road for the then a mile or two when I see I lights in the rearview mirror out of the corner of my eye. I look in the mirror to see the nose of the cop car diving and a sudden swerve to aviod hitting the rear of the car. I'm thinking "wow, what have I done now?" So I put on my blinker and pull over to the right side of the road. Upon a full stop I change the blinker to hazards, roll down the windows and turn off the vehicle.

    I watched in my mirrors as the officer approached the passenger side window. He slowly walks to the car watching activities going on inside the car as he cautiosly passes from the rear of the car, he stops when he gets to the front of the front passenger window looking in towards the back.

    The conversation went something like this:
    Officer: I've been looking for you!
    (Long pause)
    Officer: I've been chasing you for thirty miles! Where did you pull off of the road?
    Me: I just entered the freeway about a mile ago from getting gas.
    Officer: No you didn't, you pulled off of the road to aviod me. I clocked you going 105 miles per hour thirty miles ago driving the opposite direction!
    (Long pause)
    Officer: License and registration. I'm citing you for illegal tint and 105mph in a 70mph zone.

    He goes to his car for ~5 minutes does whatever it is he suppose to do and returns with two tickets, one for my brothers illegal tint and another for my alleged 105mph speeding ticket. I sign the ticket and we are on the road again.

    I would have showed him a reciept for gas but ofcourse my brothers girlfriend walks in grabs drinks & gas, pays cash, no reciept. Great! No proof whatsoever.

    This is where the questions come in...

    I'm doing a TBD since I really don't want to drive back out there. How should I go about this? I can get written statements from both my brother and his girlfriend backing my story to the judge. But I really don't know how to tackle this... Help please!

    Also, how would he know its even the same car or even the same driver? Is it legal to ticket someone like that?

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    Re: CA Speeding ticket, not me driving, TBD

    I meant to register before I posted this...


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      Re: CA Speeding ticket, not me driving, TBD

      For future reference.

      Talk to the traffic court to see if this would work. Get your brother to submit a notarized letter admitting guilt and his girlfriend to submit a notarized letter as a witness. Include a money order or cashiers check for the fine and a copy of your brother's license.

      Otherwise, you're stuck.


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        Re: CA Speeding ticket, not me driving, TBD

        good advice!!


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