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IL/WI Not guilty dui from IL still on record

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  • IL/WI Not guilty dui from IL still on record

    Well as the title says.. I had gotten pulled over in 2010, by a cook county sherrif. I was traveling to Chicago after work on a Friday night. I made it too Chicago about 2:00 in the morning. I make a left on fullerton. In the Melrose park northlake are if anyone is familiar with that area, So the cop pulls me over saying I was speeding, when in fact I know I wasn't, I ask him to see the radar gun he says he doesn't have to show me. Then he proceeds on instigating me and saying im drunk or high or w.e So long story short I take a couple test and go look I don't want to take anymore test im not drunk I just want to go home. Telling the truth the whole time mind you. Officer finally gets the breathe test out, mind you ive never had to blow in one of these things in my life. So I was thinking that it was rigged and cook county is known as crook county, because all of the tyrant garbage going on. So I finally blow into the machine what a surprise all zero's he could not believe it makes me blow again an at this point hes forcing this thing back in my mouth like a rage head. An so I hit his hand away from my mouth an say I shouldn't have to blah blah blah I been telling the truth. So then he instantly throws on the handcuffs and puts me into the cop car to take me in for blood. Now 6 months later, and 3,000 dollars later I get the verdict of not guilty. Now im 24 years old and got into a bad accident involving a deer an only had two beers with a BAC of .10. I am now being charged with a second dui. An how you ask 2nd, it should only be my first, because of the not guilty verdict. The refusal is still on my record and Wisconsin counts that as a dui like any other state I believe.. Really long story short, iguess my lawyer didn't file a petition to resend within 90 days of the court date thus the refusal still on my record with a not guilty verdict. An now when I ask how do I get this taken care of and off my record no one knows how and says I cant. I thought this was America DUE PROCESS, if you have a not guilty verdict wouldn't you think the whole thing would be not guilty? please help I am now facing my second DUI when it should be my first. What should I do anyone know? this is my life and this is totally un-civil.

    Im sorry for the run ons, bad grammer, and vocab. Please help. thanks for your time! -John

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    Re: IL/WI Not guilty dui from IL still on record

    I wish to inform you that if the verdict is that you are not guilty then you are not held liable for anything. In this regard you may present judgment of not guilty in court to show that you are not liable for anything and hence present offence cannot be second DUI. You may further have your records corrected by showing your not guilty verdict.



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      Re: IL/WI Not guilty dui from IL still on record

      Thank you for the response! How would I go about setting up a court case with cook county, to have this sponge off my record since I have a not guilty verdict for a refusal?


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        Re: IL/WI Not guilty dui from IL still on record

        Also Wisconsin does not take the not guilty verdict to acknowledgement. Since the refusal is stil on there, but it is the same exact case. If there trying to charge me for this as my second cant I take legal action and press charges on the state?


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