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I was charged for "control of premises" in New Hampshire

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  • I was charged for "control of premises" in New Hampshire

    My boyfriend and I were pulled over in New Hampshire for a burnt out light and the cop ended up arresting us for 0.4 grams of marijuana. My boyfriend was charged for possession and I was charged for "control of premises". I still don't know exactly what that means and what it will look like on my record. Were going to court next month and don't know what to expect. Will I have to plea? Will I have to pay fees? Is there something I can do to get this off my record?

    (His reason for searching us and the vehicle was because the driver "seemed nervous". I know there is a possibility for a motion to supress, but I'm afraid a public defender won't do as good of a job as a paid lawyer in getting that from the judge. Am I right, or is the reason itself good enough?)

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    re: I was charged for "control of premises"

    Make sure you get legal counsel (or at least the public defender) to try to keep this off your record eventually--jail time is not likely if your record is clear now. But having that arrest and/or a conviction on your record could make job-hunting etc. more difficult. Often this could be negotiated down to some kind of court supervision or even be dismissed etc


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