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criminal case against my son

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  • criminal case against my son

    I have a son who has Asperger's, he is 21 but mentally he is 12 years old. A year ago he he was arrested and was interrogated by the police for about six hours with no attorney, he did not know anything he says will be used against him. He was so scared that he agreed with all they said and last week he was arrested. They put him in Jail, we put our house up for bond to let him out. Except he is under house arrest. The news and media reported him as a criminal without knowing he has mental problems and how he was treated. the police want him indicted and off the street. Some thoughts please, I feel so helpless, our son would never hurt anyone. He doesn't understand how much trouble he is in now.

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    Re: criminal case against my son

    First, what is he charged with?
    Second, does he have an alibi proving he didn't?
    Third, what mental conditions does he have? A person with Aspergers is "developmentally delayed" but not in the same way as someone with an intellectual disability.

    The above are all important facts to provide to a criminal attorney you need to get for your son, now.


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      Re: criminal case against my son

      He has Asperger's and has the mental capacity of a 12 year old. He was arrested in the park, he was texting an year old and the police set up a sting and he was arrested. Back in
      2007, he was in a mental hospital for ten days and was molested there. He had got in trouble in high school to get put in the hospital. He told no one about being molested for three years, once he told us, we got him a new counselor to help him. Ever since that incident he was not the same. He was confused about his sexuality, gay or not. He was rejected by girls and felt more comfortable speaking to males. I do truly believe he did not know texting a child was wrong because mentally he is still a child. The police don't care that he has a mental issues. All our family and friends, the first thing they say don't the police know about his mental issues. I am really upset that he was interrogated for hours
      with no attorney, he was scared to death and just agreed with all they said to him because he thought they would leave him alone. He needs help not to be thrown in prison with no chance of getting out and that is what the police want to do.


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        Re: criminal case against my son

        What do the texts say? How old is the child he thought he was talking to? What is he charged with? What state is this in?
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          Re: criminal case against my son

          Not one iota of that changes the fact that he needs a good criminal law attorney, now.

          If that attorney can get a psychiatrist to pronounce your son mentally incompetent then all the questioning (and more importantly answers) may well get thrown out. If you know your son has these issues who would you allow him such free reign?

          Your son was either misdx with Aspergers or he has some other significant mental incapacity. Aspergians are at the top end of the autism spectrum, having the most typical behaviors, the higher IQs and the greatest likelihood of succeeding in life. You cannot be low functioning AND have AS.

          Keep in mind that behaving like a 12 year old and having the mental capacity of a 12 year old are completely different.


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            Re: criminal case against my son

            You must have clear evidence to prove your case. Without expert medical testimony it is quite difficult to satisfactorily prove the innocence of your son. The doctor will have to testify about your son’s condition. Retain the services of an attorney who can thoroughly examine the facts of your case. He/she would then be in a better position to analyze his case and advise you on the best available options.


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              Re: criminal case against my son

              I agree with Goddess 100%! Your son needs a good criminal defense lawyer who can get the facts before the court -- of his mental incompetency, the fact he was interrogated by police without counsel or perhaps even understanding the nature of the charges or his admissions.

              It is customary to have a psychiatrict/mental competency examination in cases such as your son's and this is what the lawyer will need to go into court with to defend him.


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