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I made a false statement against my boyfriend and he was arrested

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  • I made a false statement against my boyfriend and he was arrested

    i am in toronto, ontario, canada

    i made a false statement against my boyfriend in anger and he was arrested and charged with assault and threatening. I have been trying to get the charges dropped against him but havent been too succesful because i didnt want to risk getting charged as well. In the meantime we are not supposed to have contact. It just so happened that i was with him on friday in a parking lot. we were in his car and my car was parked beside us. unbelievably someone managed to get break into my car and steal it from right nextto us. my boyfriend proceeded to chase him while i was on t he phone with 911. in the process he crashed my boyfriends car, another car and then ended with crashing my car into a pole. the theif proceeded to run on foot and my boyfriend chased and apprehended him until the police caught up. at first he was a hero because without him the police would not have caught this guy whois now being charged with a whole list of things. after all this the police arrested my boyfriend as well for ftc saying that he was not supposed to be with me. he is now spending the weekend injail(the same one as the car theif. could you please tell me what can be done about this, is it fair that someone who catches a criminal while breaching his conditions be punished,

    * shouldnt his heroism be taken into consideration?
    * how can we get the conditions dropped so that we canhave contact?
    * is there any way we can use this as leverage to get the dv charges dropped against my bf(the police will need both of us for the car theif case)
    * if the answer to above is no, how can i get the charges dropped against my bf without getting myself in trouble, and what happens with ftc charges?

    TO DO!!!

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    re: I made a false statement against my boyfriend and he was arrested

    Meet with the prosecutors if you can and explain the entire situation
    They have the right to continue to pursue the case on their own (even if you don't want them to) but if they feel this was a one-time incident and will never happen again--they may drop it.


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