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I don't want lose my kids and go to prison I am so scared!

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  • I don't want lose my kids and go to prison I am so scared!

    A year ago on 11-13-05 I was going through post-partum depression and on anxiety medication. I went to see the father of my kids at house he was staying at where the owners were out of the country. I shamefully took a wal-mart and target credit card something I know I never would of done mentally stable. Well a girl I had known talked me into using them and I figured I could pay the any charges I would incurr before they got back(she was with me with every purchase that was made) Everything I mean everything that was purchased this girl took I kept nothing then she told the guy whom was watching over the house I stole them and she took off with all the stuff. I returned these cards to this guy and swore to pay it all back, I even called him money in hand to pay a lump sum of it back. He would not except it cause he wanted to wait til the owners returned. A month later they returned and decided to file charges then changed their mind. Three cops showed up at my house came in and immediately started going through all my belongings, I asked him if he had a search warrant and he said I need to shut up if I wanted to stay out of jail.

    Well after going through everything they took me down to the station and he told me if I wanted to be able to go home I'd stay on his good side and cooperate of course I was scared and was also taking cold medicine trying to get over the flu. He took me into a room and told me he wanted to record the conversation so thinking it would be the only way I would be able to go home I agreed. Mind you I have 2 little girls so thats all that was in my mind he told me I was lucky they were visiting their father cause if they would of been with me CPS would of had to come take them into state custody before they could take me to the station. He knew the girl (whom I thought was my friend) was involved he said I was a good girl and he new of her and what was I doing around her, I didn't know she was like that. The officer told me that if the card owner kept changing his mind he was gonna drop the investigation. I never heard anything after this and the credit card owner even told my kids father he would not pursue the charges there is more than one witness whom heard this.

    Well here it is just about a year later and I just recieved a subpoena for theft 2-property. I know the card owner recently said he was angry cause his credit was messed up so I don't know if he changed his mind again, I would of paid it all if it broke me but no one would give me that chance. I have been taking medicine for the depression and bipolar, no longer on anxiety medication trying do do right by my kids and stay away from bad people I swear to this. I also just got a really good job with Verizon wireless that I was supposed to start tomorrow, but now I don't know what to do cause they are very strict about missing any days during training. Please I beg you with everything I have to let me know what I can do I don't want lose my kids and go to prison I am so scared!

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    Have you arranged counsel or legal aid at this point? You cannot handle this alone. Often these kinds of matters can be negotiated down. Email wld at [email protected] if you would like to further discuss. They have saved your post.


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      I sent an e-mail to the link so I am hoping I can avoid these charges hopefully the judge will rule for me to pay them back and probation since I did try to do this and did return their property, what do u think?


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        That fortunately can be negotiated sometimes as the wld attorneys probably have already explained to you by email.


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