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Retail theft accusation, police came to the house

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  • Retail theft accusation, police came to the house

    Detective showed up to my house accusing my boyfriend of retail theft when I denied it being him in the photos in that car being mine and the photos because they failed to provide me with photos of that car with my license plate and they failed to provide me photos of the gentleman in the photos that they had placing them items in the specific car that was considered me not cooperating and being honest that they would be back with arrest warrants and that if I did not have my dog locked up when they came back that they would do everything they had to do in reference to protecting themselves in other words saying he’s going to shoot my dog if my dog is out when they come back with these supposed arrest warrants

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    You and your boyfriend should sit down and watch this video together.

    DON'T TALK TO POLICE - Professor James Duane - YouTube

    If they police come back, you lawyer up. If they have warrants, NOTHING you say will stop the arrest, so say NOTHING other than you want a lawyer. It would be a good idea to talk to a lawyer now and have his name and phone number handy in case you are arrested. If you are concerned about your dog, arrange to have somebody take care of it who has a spare key. The police might give you a minute to call that person. Or they might have animal control pick up the dog.


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      I actually wrote a comprehensive guide to Retail Theft in Illinois. It goes over the sentencing guidelines, your rights, possible ways to avoid a conviction and much more. Here is the link for Retail Theft 720 ILCS 5/16-25 – Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer | The Law Office of Clyde Guilamo, LLC


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