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Shoplifting suspicion I guess

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  • Shoplifting suspicion I guess


    Can a Walmart employee demand to search my purse?

    Or can they make me open it up and just show it quickly without them touching it? They requested one then the other, and I refused and they said don't come back, ever.

    What if I refuse to do either? Legally was I justified?

    BTW I did not take anything that's what makes it even more irritating.

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    Demand - Yes.
    Make you - No.
    Call the police - Yes
    Can the police make you - Yes, if there is probably cause for a search. The employee's observation and suspicion of your behavior might be probable cause for a search.

    Legally, yes, you were justified. However, Walmart is private property. You are an invitee. You can potentially be trespassed if you go back to that store after being told not to.

    Irritating - Yes. But Walmart loses about $3 Billion a year to theft and rigorously observes shoppers. The odds are in favor of somebody being approached in error.

    You might consider another way of handling this if it ever happens again. Just say "I'll open it for the Manager. Please get him/her. When the Manager shows up, voice your complaint and open the purse. You'll probably get an apology and maybe a gift card for your inconvenience.


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      It's nothing personal when they ask such things, they don't even know who you are.
      What's the big deal to just quickly show the open purse.



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