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Unauthorized Digital Surveillance cont.

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  • Unauthorized Digital Surveillance cont.

    Sorry, I had to make a new thread because for some odd reason, I can't post a reply on my old one. Anyhow, let me get to the point. In my last thread on the same subject, I stated that I had a "gut feeling" that I was being monitored; and guess what? I still have that sense. I honestly think I even know what the case is about that they're investigating. I have a feeling that this has to little/nothing to do with drugs, like I said in the last thread, but over exotic animals. I think they're investigating poachers. Honestly, this is going to sound crazy, no doubt about it, but my so-called 'gut-feeling' tells me that the target(s) must have burglarized/attempted to burglarize a zoo, circus, national park, jungle, who knows. I think the target(s) got caught on the job red-handed, after attempting to subdue and obtain a lion/tiger/gorilla/rhino/whatever they were looking for, and they also assaulted, possibly attempted to murder, the person(s) who spotted them (security guard, zoo worker, circus worker, custodian, or someone else) to escape, followed by a possible car chase, possibly resulting in a hit&run (or 2, or 3, or more). In addition, I'd also like to add that these suspects may be career criminals, and there's the chance that the crime(s) occured in another country(s), prompting a joint-investigation. Now it seems like almost everyone at my work who's not the same race as me, is undercover, trying to bring these evil-doers down, throwing me in the mix. That, in a nut shell, is what I think, has resulted in my being probed, as well as extensive investigation of my family members, and it wouldn't surprise me if the rights of anybody I came into contact with were being violated as well, seeing how I'm the same race as the suspected targets. I don't understand why they're still monitoring, if they are. They're making me so nervous and paranoid, that I've had a few restless nights, I feel like I have no privacy whatsoever, in my own home, or anywhere I go; I even had the crazy idea that my cousin's girlfriend is undercover. I see these people on a daily basis, and each day it seems like it gets more and more obvious, as well as increasingly frustrating. This 'feeling' is making me think I'm going completely mad. Yea, I know that sounds extremely messed up, but I assure you, I actually don't have a history of mental illness or hard drug use, so don't tell me I'm on drugs, or I'm a psychotic schizo, or something. Ever since I posted the last thread, it seems like they're even more active now. I don't know what kind of consipracy is going on here, but I don't appreciate me and everyone linked to me being under 24hour/7 day-a-week surveillance WITHOUT REASONABLE SUSPICION, WARRANT, OR AUTHORIZATION. I just thought I'd take the time to update my last post, even though this was supposed to be reply, I had to make a new thread because I couldn't reply.

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    Re: Unauthorized Digital Surveillance cont.

    You may want to hire a private detective to watch for you to see if you are being investigated and/or surveilled etc.--they indeed will be able to discover that.


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