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    INetGlobal - Paying you to view websites
    Hi everyone, my name is Aleksey and I want to introduce everyone to a online system called INetGlobal. Anyone can start earning cash daily by signing up for this program and just clicking on 25 websites a day. The starting payout ranges from $1 dollar/day to $9 dollars/day! This all depends on how you want to start off, either slow and steady or going all out. I have personally already received a total of $155 over a course of 3 weeks, and it's getting higher every week. This company has been around for a few years already and a lot of people have begun to already hop on this band wagon and start getting paid. If you are interested, keep on reading ahead.
    What is INetGlobal:
    INetGlobal is an online Internet Service provider. They provide online solutions such as V-Cash, V-webs, V-mail and V-train. They focus on providing solutions to small businesses to help them advertise by either providing web hosting, email storage as well as advertising spots. They have been in the business for quite a few years and gathering more and more members daily.
    How do I earn from INetGlobal:
    INetGlobal started this program to help those small businesses to advertise their websites by using a website + ad rotator. Advertisers will pay a certain amount to have their websites or ads go in rotation and members of INetGlobal will then see these websites and ads. INetGlobal pays the member to view a minimum of 25 websites a day. If the member chooses to view more websites, they can view up to 200 websites and get iReward points, which can then be used to purchase products such as IPods, laptops and trips later on.
    How does INetGlobal calculate daily earnings:
    INetGlobal sets aside a percentage of their daily earnings, ranges on avg 0.4%-0.6&, and multiples that by the amount of iPoints you have in your account. Then based on the percentage of your daily auto-purchase of iPoints you then have your total for the day.
    Example : You have in your account 4500 iPoints, and the day’s company percentage is 0.4%, and your daily re-purchase of iPoints is 60%:
    4500 * 0.004 = 18 < - Your total prior to re-purchase iPoints
    18 * 0.6 = 10.8 < - Your total after re-purchasing iPoints
    So on that day you have made $10.8 for just clicking on 25 websites. Then 7 days a week, you have just earned $75.6. The good thing about this is that the number is always increasing, because as you add more iPoints every day, you have more iPoints in your account.
    5000 * 0.004 = 20
    20 * 0.6 = 12
    Referral Levels:
    For the members that want to dig into the rewards, the referral levels go as deep as 6 levels for the basic level, but as you rise in levels such as Gold, Platinum, Diamond and finally Blue Diamond, your levels goes down to infinity! One example is a gold level member will get 10% of their direct referrals daily total, and 2% of their in-direct referrals (their direct’s referrals) up to 6 levels deep. Then as you go up in higher levels the reward percentage gets even larger and the levels goes deeper.
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    To view a detail diagram of the different levels, below is a URL:
    iNetGlobal | Internet Marketing Services : Opportunity
    What are you giving to the program:
    To have iPoints in the system, you have to start off somewhere first and that is by purchasing iPoints. INetGlobal provides different one-time payment packages starting from $250 to $5000. It sounds a lot, but one way to think of this is like an investment. You are putting your money into a long term CD and getting a much higher return at the end of the month. For those who want to start small, there is a Home Business package for just $250 dollars and they give you 525 AdPacs (iPoints), but a better deal is the Executive Package which is a one time payment of $2000 and you start off at 4400 adpacs (iPoints). On top of that you are set as a Gold level member for 2 months, raking in the rewards as a gold member such as 6% additional iPoints on top of your daily repurchase based on how much your auto-purchase rate. An additional requirement is purchasing a consultant package for 59.95 (annual fee, once a year), this will give you online support and an exclusive One Visa Card to transfer your money.
    I have gone through a lot of research and asked a lot of questions to finally say that I am willing to put my time into this program, I see that there is a long term potential in this program, and if you are interested as well this is how to get started:
    1) Go to : iNetGlobal | Internet Marketing Services : Welcome to iNetGlobal | Internet Marketing Services!
    2) Click on the Join Now button
    3) Please make sure the Sponsor ID is 139243
    4) Select “Free Surfer Registration”, and then hit Next
    5) Fill in the fields, first name, last name etc.
    6) After you have completed you will get a welcome email from INetGlobal
    How to purchase adpacs (iPoints):
    1) Log in to your account
    2) Click on the My Account tab
    3) Click on the My Cards tab to add a Credit Card that you will use to purchase adpacs (iPoints)
    4) After adding a Credit Card, go to “Purchase Product”, select the Consultant Kit and the choice of your package such as Executive Business package
    5) Once you have purchased the products your account will be updated with the proper iPoints, and if you chose a Executive Package it will tell you that you are a Gold Member
    6) Your daily re-purcahse is set at 80%, to change this you can click on “Edit Profile” in the My Account, you will have to insert your Social Security in the Tax ID field (because it is now required by law) and then you can change from 80% to 50% or however much percentage you want
    How to start earning money:
    1) Click on the Home tab, and click on “Start Surfing”
    2) You will be directed to a page with a timer on the top and a website at the bottom. When the timer counts down from 20 seconds a number will appear, you will just have to click on the matching number and you have just earned your first reward point.
    3) Once you have done this process 25 times you will see the message under the counter that you have surfed the required site. This means that you are elgible to get paid on that day. If you continue up to 200 clicks you will collect more iRewards points that can be used later on to redeem gifts.

    Add. Check out for more info Site Info !
    Add. There also is a new summer promo , for those who have 2000$ overall , additional 6$ a day !

    Is that might be a scam ? Who tried such sort of business and is it legal ?

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    stay away from anything like that


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      I apologise, but it not absolutely approaches me.


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