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Supposed Credit Card Fraud

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  • Supposed Credit Card Fraud

    Hi! I have a close friend who I have both worked with and worked for, nearly 6 years now. She let me use her credit card for a few purchases that I was supposed to either work off or pay cash back to her. She gave me her cc number, exp date, and verification code, along with her billing address for the card. I did work for her the next day at her home (cleaning her home and set up a printer). However, a week later we had a falling out, so she disputed the charges and said it was due to unauthorized use. She is claiming to the cc company that I stole her card and used it. Now she is threatening me to pay back all charges and the $45 late fee from the disputed charges or the cc company will press identity theft charges. When I used the card, all purchases except one were online so no signature required, but the one charge in the store that I made, I signed the slip with my own name as I had permission to use it. So I know it can't be identity theft. I want to know what my rights are, and whether or not she breached her contract by giving me her personal information for her card. Thank you!

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    Re: Supposed Credit Card Fraud

    As it appears you have nothing in writing suggesting you had permission, I would be concerned.The logical thing would be to pay the charges, getting a receipt.
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      Re: Supposed Credit Card Fraud

      I wish to inform you that you can inform your friend that as you were authorized to use credit card thus no charges can be made against you and by falsely blaming you with cred card theft or unauthorized use she is defaming you. You can show authority from the fact from the day of use till date no dispute was being raised untill you had split with her. Further you can show evidence of friends or other person known to you that you were authorized to use credit card.



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        Re: Supposed Credit Card Fraud

        Thank you for the replies, you are correct, I do not have anything in writing stating I had permission, as she gave me information over the phone. That scares me. I do however, have witnesses that knew I obtained the info. The fact that it seems to come down to my word against hers is what scares me. I have found that the cardholder is not legally allowed to give out information and can be charged with negligence, unless they add person as authorized user. I want to pay her back for the charges I made because I had intended to anyway, however, this entire situation makes me feel like she is taking advantage of me, as she is much older than me. I just want to make sure she has grounds for pressing charges and not just intimidating me. I'm not worried as I know beyond a doubt she gave me permission, I just want to make sure I have not done anything illegal by even using the card with permission.


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          Re: Supposed Credit Card Fraud

          There are so many credit card fraud circulating but if you want to have your own credit card be sure to apply in trusted company. Credit card lenders use a number of predictors to decide your credit worthiness. We will look at some of them, and give some suggestions on what you can do to boost yours.


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