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I found a check made out to cash

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    Re: I found a check made out to cash

    This just happened to me last week. From what I believe it was stolen out of my car. Thankfully the officer that I wrote a statement with, went out of his way and contacted the place I got it from for me (because they told me that they couldnt help me and I needed to contact customer care about it being stolen or lost and needing a replacement) he officer also told the people that work at the place to please put a note or whatever on the serial number of the money order so IF someone tired to cash it, it would be flagged. So needless to say, I went in there today to speak with them about what I needed to do to get it back. The woman gave me papers that I needed to fill out even though i had the tracking number. My mom ended up going back in with me about a half hour later and we were at a different ladies window the lady who happened to have my original money order with someone elses name that i didnt not write on there (it was blank because i had literally just gotten the money order 3 hours prior to it being taken, and it was my rent money) and the woman told us the store of a lady who had just come in not that long ago trying to cash the money order and said that she bought it and then ended up not needed it and wanted to cash it to get her money back. THANK GOD FOR THAT NOTE THAT FLAGGED THE MONEY ORDER OR MY MONEY WOULD BE GONE!!!

    The point that I am getting to...
    So when I realized that someone had taken the money order I had met with the officer and made a report about it. Is this still considered theft? The lady claims she found it on the ground, in the same complexes where I live and she had witnesses. At least, thats what she said when she found out that she was caught lying by the teller at the window. Where me and my son live its income based housing and there is an on call number at all times, and also an office for the complexes on site.. now her being the dishonest person that she is she obviously didnt go down to the office or call the oncall people for the complexes to let them know that she had found the money order, considering I got the money order on the 6th of the month, and had just been in the office with cash trying to pay my rent and didnt realize that they didnt take cash and only money orders or checks, went in the next day and let them know what had happened and asked if anybody had turned one in and if they didnt then to keep an eye out for it... its a money order for 568 dollars... random number. So should I continue and press charges? would you consider this still theft? I am not so sure what to do from here.


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      Re: I found a check made out to cash

      You can cash it but will have to present photo ID and they will catch up with you. What's the purpose of making the check to "cash" anyway, but who am I to question?


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        Re: I found a check made out to cash

        You can request the police file charges.
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          Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
          Ok so you put out signs all over town that say "Lost cash please claim if it's yours" And then what happens?
          You get EVERYONE claiming it's theirs so that makes EVERYONE a theif...
          I say if you find cash it's YOUR lucky day because there is no real way to ensure it gets back to the owner unless you know who the owner is.
          Quit trying to make it sound like people are such terrible beings if they happen to find something that is next to impossible to return.
          Get a life
          You get a life, retard. Cashing a check that isn't yours is ILLEGAL. You stupid ****.


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            Re: I found a check made out to cash

            I agree.
            It cannot be legally cashed.
            This is not the first time this issue has come up BTW.


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              I recently got arrested for passing a bad check in February 2018 currently fighting to prove my innocence. When the check was cashed by what ever low bag scum in my name I was currently Incarcerated and have been for several Weeks when it was cashed and then I went to prison I have proof of my letter of Incarcerated dates everything to prove it I even went to court and presented it to the prosecutor he didn't even submit a copy of it for my case file just wrote the prisons name I was at and my off set date when I got sentenceed to when they released me a year later!! They have no evidence besides my name they used to cash it with they still haven't presented me with a video from the surveillance cameras at the Rapid Robert's where it was cashed at. Or showed me a copy of the original check that was cashed they have nothing...!!!! And not trying to do nothing but wrongfully convict me I'm currently out on house arrest with an ankle monitor that $70 a day. They are crooks of the justice system. They judge said it was a check for the amount of $68 from an none exsiting account. Please someone help me out with some advice on all this. Cause it's bull**** and I will prove my innocence and the crupt Justice system they are!!


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