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firing employee that had covid MONTHS ago

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  • firing employee that had covid MONTHS ago


    I have a small business with a few employees and one had covid many months ago but is still often missing work.
    She was never that good of a worker frankly, even before covid.
    Can I fire her or will she have some lame covid law excuse.
    She has no contract or any other long term work obligation from me.

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    You don't need a reason to terminate her employment though some terminations are riskier than others (age, sex, race, disability).

    You can terminate her for poor performance but you'd better have written past evaluations and written warnings if you pick that reason.

    You can terminate her for absenteeism if she's out frequently enough where it's a detriment to your business. Make sure you keep records and written warnings.

    You'd be wise to avoid any termination that could be attributed to her medical history and you might want to consult an employment attorney to see how best to handle it.


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      I don't think firing her is always the best option, especially during a pandemic when the reason for her absenteeism is apparent. Why shouldn't she work from home if her job doesn't need her presence? I think it would be better for you, and you wouldn't lose an employee you already know, especially since you can just contact her with a video meeting app and make it attractive to your employees. The main thing is to contact her through a good You can always see what she's doing during work or a meeting, and you can also correspond there. I think it's a pretty good solution, and you should think about it before you fire her.
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        we all struggled in the covid but firing employees isn't a great move! remote working is really great option and if you are worried about the productivity of the employee we have several remote working tools which can help you to track their work and tasks. maybe can help you manage your team at one place.


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