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Can I have 3 DBA's in Arizona?

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  • Can I have 3 DBA's in Arizona?

    Can I have 3 DBA's (doing business as ) in Arizona? As a sole proprietor.

    That is 3 different names the business operates under?

    Or are you limited to some number? Thanks!

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    Assuming you are doing this for legitimate purposes, you can have as many DBAs as you need to have in order to keep separate records. You'll have to register them all with the state and, depending on what kind of businesses they are, you may have to set up separate city and state sales tax accounts. You would also have to file separate Schedule Cs and SEs for the income taxes of each business.

    What did you have in mind?


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      Hi, thanks!
      Well I have 3 separate start up businesses each making about 20,000 a year so I want to keep separate records and sep bank accounts, for each but I dont want all the corporate formation stuff yet, at least until it gets larger.


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        Then, yes, 3 separate DBAs is in order.

        If you started the businesses in 2020 I suggest you go to the IRS website, run down the forms and publications list, and download any form or publication that has anything to do with business. Info for 2020 might not be online yet. All the 2019 stuff will have all the basics even if some rules changed for 2020.

        I hope you have the proper insurance for each business. You wouldn't want to end up bankrupt due to an uninsured claim.


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          The state of AZ will also have corp info on their site, and state and local governments are the ones that handle the specific DBA filings normally.

          If I recall AZ was one of the few states that does not actually require you file the DBA though it's certainly good to do so for many reasons.
          (not sure 100% on that point today)


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            Good point. Franda would be wise to call the AZ Secty of State's office and inquire about registration requirement.

            He would certainly have to register with the Department of Revenue if he is selling anything that requires sales tax.


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