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Birdfeeder of neighbor's business causing me pest troubles, attracting mice

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  • Birdfeeder of neighbor's business causing me pest troubles, attracting mice

    My neighbor who runs a small adult foster care next to me starting feeding the birds with a huge new feeder but the birds spill the seeds and then attract squirrels, mice, chipmunks.
    They are all only about 15 yards from my porch and they are starting to get really bothersome. And I am afraid the pests will start trying to get into my home.

    Can I legally force her to stop the feeding? What can I do? She says I am overreacting.

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    The fact that you are "afraid" that it will attract pest implies that it hasn't yet done so.

    Unless your city as some law about bird feeders there is nothing you can do until you have some actual damage. And even then YOU will have to prove that the pests wouldn't have caused the damage if the feeder wasn't there.


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      Can I legally force her to stop the feeding?
      Probably not, unless she is violating county or city codes. You can check that.

      What can I do?
      Set appropriate traps.

      She says I am overreacting.
      If you are afraid of what might happen, and it isn't happening yet, you probably are overreacting.


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        That sounds familiar. They love migrating from a house to another, and the birdfeeder might be a good way to do that. You can't really blame your neighbor, though, as anyone is allowed to have a feeder for their birds or any birds. You can always be more proactive and make sure that you get a team that can lay traps safely without harming your pets or maybe sprays. I got a mice extermination service in Australia, and it worked great. You can also give it a try with a local company and see if it helps, even with the food lying around.


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          MY HOA banned those feeders and I was thankful, it's really not good in a crowded urban or suburban area.
          It's just attracting mice and rodents with all that is spilled from the feeder.


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            Why do you don't you want to talk with your neighbor first? Maybe he will understand your problems, and you will come to a compromise. It is the easiest way to solve your problem. The other way I used my friend in the same situation is permethrin, and this chemical works perfectly against birds and squirrels, chipmunks. Call the pest company or buy the permethrin by yourself, but be aware and read the instruction carefully. Permethrin can be dangerous to non-experienced users, so if you don't have enough budget to call the pest company, at least consult with them about your problem. Here's the link to of the service that helped my friend.


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              Hire some building inspections Brisbane to make an assessment and send a report to your municipal office. It would indicate the probable cause.


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