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LLC bank accounts in USA with non US citizens

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  • LLC bank accounts in USA with non US citizens

    Can a foreign citizen open a bank account for his new LLC in the USA?

    Is there any law against that or any significant restriction I need to know?

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    A foreign citizen open a bank account in the U.S. A copy of your passport (with a valid Visa), any other form of secondary ID (credit card, driver's license, etc. this is optional) and some money to deposit the funds. That's it. The KYC paperwork is very simple and easy. For an LLC/Inc, you are required to provide the necessary company formation documents, the seal, your EIN and Certificate of Incorporation as given by the State. All members enlisted in the LLC/Inc usually need to be present with their IDs.


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      Opening an account is legal. Getting a bank to do so, is a much higher burden. They know the potential exists for you to commit fraud and you being out of the country, restricting recourse. I foresee an issue unless you have significant business assets in the US.
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        Yes, you can open a bank account in the USA even though you're not a citizen. But still, it's very important to have your passport and your SSN. I'm not sure if they'd let you open a bank account without an SSN. They didn't let me, at least. They insist I get my SSN before opening the bank account for my LLC. My LLC deals with investment stuff, mostly education on investments, as you can see on They need to know everything you're doing is legit...


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          It did take time for us but I was able to do so.
          So for others, don't get discouraged when it seems very bureaucratic.
          Thanks all!!!


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