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Do I have a case? The Walmart management representative has discriminated me

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  • Do I have a case? The Walmart management representative has discriminated me

    Situation: Since day one at walmart the Walmart management representative Debbie has discriminated me, in more ways than one. When I was hired at Walmart I was under the impression that there was diversity, but once i got there I was targetted. I would see all associates working and chatting at the same time but as long as the work got completted there was no issue. I started talking to the male associates and right away Debbie told me i needed to stop talking to the MALE associates at work. I was talking to one guy from over night and one morning debbie went over to him and told him she did not want to see him speaking to me again. She also seen me talking to other guys and went up to two of them who are like brothers and asked them if I was dating both of them. OKay one, its not her business and two thats unprofessional on her part. SHe has called me a **** to my face and said that my name at walmart was as such, in my opinion she made it that way by walking up to the guys i talked to in the building asking around to see if i was dating any of them. I have numerous accounts of her stopping male associates because they were talking to me, mainly the black male associates and i have at least one who will testify to that. Another incident that is more recent is her pulling me in her office, she told me she heard i was crushing on the new guy in electronics.... If i was it was none of her business but i told her she was misinformed. She said good because i dont need your drama around my store. Another event was just last week, i stopped by to speak to an over nyte associate who has been a friend of mine for nine years, she seen him talking to me ans said to him ....I dont want to see you talking to her again, she is not one of the associates you want to get to know in this business... He just replied well i known her for nine years im not going to stop talking to her now. I was put on suspension just two weeks ago and i gave her my plan of action to do better and I followed it to a T, and than some. She only brought me back in my opinion because she needed someone who could run layaway and not goof off. But the very last day of layaway she fired me. Also there were four layaway associates, two white and two black... everytime something went wrong it was always the two of us who were white who got blamed for everything and that never changed.The day i was fired she heard me asking another associate for help and she snapped back, i just sent that associate home and im leaving now so do it yourself. I thought we were a team at walmart but i guess I was wrong. Later that nyte when she returned she stopped me from helping a customer and told me she was tired of me speaking her male associates and that she was terminating me. One she screamed it loud enough for the customer and other associates to hear and two what happened to the customer comes first. It could have been settled in a more professional manner.

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    re: Do I have a case? The Walmart management representative has discriminated me may want to ask the company to put what is happening in writing and explain to them that you may have attorneys review the situation...try speaking to a higher level of management about the issue; they may override the other manager. If none of these efforts resolves the issue, let us know.


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      re: Do I have a case? The Walmart management representative has discriminated me

      the co mgr is the one who fired me and she is filing it in walmart records as other things she is firing me for..... like placing purchsed merchandise behind the counter which everyone does but its never mentioned as an offence, only understocking is an offence and if its purchased its not understockin


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        re: Do I have a case? The Walmart management representative has discriminated me

        You can appeal it up to higher managers. But unfortunately they at some point can decide. They cannot slander or defame you however and need to be careful what they say publicly or you could even sue them.


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