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The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

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  • The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

    You may share your bed bug hotel experience in this thread !!!

    The Bed Bug Registry is a free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada. Founded in 2006, the site has collected about 20,000 reports covering 12,000 locations.

    You can find The Bed Bug Registry on Twitter as @bedbugregistry.

    Bed Bug Registry - Check Apartments and Hotels Across North America

    Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

    (May 2011)

    457 Annette St, Toronto, ON
    3411 Wayne Ave, Bronx, NY
    2525 West Mall, Vancouver, BC
    388 Throop Ave, Brooklyn, NY
    Tahitian Inn, Tampa, FL
    6711 Yellowstone Blvd, Forest Hills, NY
    Best Western Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, VA
    Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL
    170 Maple St, Malden, MA
    305 High St, Burlington, NJ
    120 Raglan Ave, Toronto, ON
    152 Nassau St, Toronto, ON
    70 W 83rd St, New York, NY

    See more recent reports...
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    Never heard about them

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    The New Yorker Hotel (NYC): “BED BUGS!”

    Date of stay: April 2011

    I stayed in the hotel April 16th 2011, with bed bug bites everywhere. Location and service is fine but I obviously would not return because they are most definitely infested. Also, the shower was scorching hot and the only way to fix it was to shut the hot water off completely but that may have been an issue only in the room I stayed in.


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      Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

      Do you afraid of bed bugs when staying in the US hotel?
      Bedbugs are no more of a risk in NYC than any other city anywhere. One of the worst outbreaks was in Ohio.


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        Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

        Bedbugs are pandemic, world travelers. Australia has had a serious infestation and dealt with them for the past decade. They attach themselves to clothing and secrete themselves in luggage and can turn up anywhere and everywhere in our now global society.

        In the U.S. health departments take the report of bed bugs seriously and can shut down any public accommodation like a hotel until the problem is eradicated. So, a list good today really may not be relevant tomorrow for the problem most likely was cured.

        In 2008, as I recall, a 4-star Washington DC hotel was forced to close its doors until it solved the bed bug problem. It didn't take them long to get it fumigated and its doors re opened.


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          CANADA -- Toronto Report -- June 10, 2011

          NEW Reports of Toronto bed bug infestations spike by nearly 40% in 2010

          Toronto has more bedbug infestations than any city in Canada

          Tristin Hopper Jun 10, 2011

          Reports of Toronto bed bug infestations spiked by nearly 40% in 2010, says a report released Friday by Global News. City officials recorded 2,106 infestation reports in 2010, a 38% increase over the 1,528 cases reported in 2009. The Global report was compiled with City of Toronto data obtained through access-to-information laws.

          The numbers do not necessarily mean there were 38% more bedbugs in Toronto in 2010, it may just indicate a bedbug-savvy populace that is more inclined to report their bedbug problem, says Reg Ayre, manager of Healthy Environments for Toronto Public Health. “I’m not seeing a massive exponential growth of bedbugs across the city,” he says.

          However, there’s no denying Toronto remains in the throes of a bedbug renaissance. The epidemic has prompted the growth of a massive anti-bedbug industry. In Toronto, the Yellow Pages abound with companies that will poison, scrub or cook bedbugs out of a home. In 2009, a Toronto business became the first in Canada to offer bedbug-sniffing beagles.
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            Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

            For the time being you can use lavender oil... around the bed... and spread some mint leaves in the whole room... The number of bed bugs are increasing very rapidly... reason behind it... read from here... Interesting Bed Bugs Pictures
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              Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

              I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Alpharetta, GA on June 27 and the next day noticed a string of 6 red itchy bumps on my right arm. My doctor says they are bed bug bites. For $139 a night you would think you would have a clean, safe room. I'll never stay at a Hilton again...


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                Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                Bed bugs are one of the most irritating creatures on the planet. They are little insects that suck human blood for their survival. Though the commonly accepted is that they are too tiny to be seen, it's not entirely true. These insects often come to life in our homes at night, therefore making it all the more difficult for us to spot a bed bug infestation.

                Bed bug in Los Angeles (see the link in my profile) is another issue than NYC.


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                  Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                  August 22, 2011

                  Recent Bedbug Reports:

                  969 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL
                  Staybridge Suites Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI
                  Motel 6, Anderson, IN
                  La Quinta Inn & Suites Addison - Galleria Area, Dallas, TX
                  Regency Inn, Altoona, IA
                  Laquinta Inn, Hattiesburg, MS
                  S Eisenhower Dr, Beckley, WV
                  Outback Lodge & Stables Bed & Breakfast, Stanwood, MI
                  1779 Saint Johns Blvd, Lincoln Park, MI
                  417 S 28th St, Billings, MT
                  568 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY
                  Quality Inn & Suites Woodland, Woodland, CA
                  Crowne Plaza Hotel Pittsfield-Berkshires, Pittsfield, MA

                  See more recent reports...


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                    Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                    Travelodge Hotel Circle South, San Diego CA.

                    I was bitten badly on my recent stay in July 2011


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                      Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                      I really hate bed bugs, they irritate me very much and they seem to be everywhere.
                      western exterminators los angeles


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                        Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                        Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

                        September 18th, 2011

                        Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina, Newport, RI
                        Four Points, Fresno, CA
                        Courtyard Nashville Airport, Nashville, TN
                        3242 Los Arcos Cir, Weslaco, TX
                        1848 C St, Lincoln, NE
                        Twin Pines Camp, Stroudsburg, PA
                        329 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY
                        108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON
                        Hampton Inn Norco/ Corona North, Norco, CA
                        Windsor Inn, Washington, DC
                        60 Clipper Rd, Toronto, ON
                        760 S Boyle Ave, Los Angeles, CA
                        2830 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL

                        See more recent reports...


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                          Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                          Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

                          October 26

                          736 Bay St Has there been any more issues regarding bed bugs in 2011 at
                          Quality Inn Lebanon Valley THOUGHT I WAS BIT, ABOUT MIDNIGHT. HAD PULLE
                          1225 W 11th Ave The entire building got infested with bed bugs this sum
                          6409 N Newgard Ave Unit 3 south had bedbugs in febuary 2011 they didn't
                          682 Warden Ave 682 Warden has got to be one of the cities top listing f
                          1253 Bush St One apartment has been infested.
                          Ace Hotel Portland Woke up with around 11 bites on my right leg and one
                          Motel 6 North On October 6 I rented room 130 at this Motel 6. We laid o
                          12225 Stony Plain Rd Nw 2011 It is unfortunate about bed bugs but the
                          1298 W 10th Ave I can't speak to bed bugs, but I can tell you that 1298
                          Motel 6 Ontario 11/2010. We stayed one night and brought them home some
                          100 Pembroke St 25/10/2011 I reserved this location through roomora
                          Padre Trail Inn San Diego Oct 2011 room 218. Severe bed bug infestation
                          Drake Hotel Stayed Oct 1st. Awoke Sunday morning and had 2 red bites on
                          Holiday Inn And Conference Center Saddle Brook Our group of seniors fro
                          Radisson Hotel & Water Park i stayed overnight on oct 17,2011 a
                          Days Inn Lookout Mountain West After reading your reports, I called the
                          30 Hillsboro Ave I am so glad that I read this before deciding of takin
                          475 Russell Blvd Found a bed bug on my pillow. Took it to the office. N
                          320 Blake Rd N Found bedbugs in the apartment late March 2011. The man
                          Red Roof Inn Springfield, IL I was at Red Roof Inn Oct 20 - 24th, 2011.
                          420 W 42nd St Confirmed case of bedbugs on the 23rd floor (Oct. 2011)
                          4734 N Beacon St Toward the end of August, 2011, Bed Bugs began to appe
                          Econo Lodge I stayed there last night and woke up to a swollen shut eye

                          October 25

                          737 Pine St Had a few bites, which first thought was just rash, or mosq
                          464 Clinton Ave Found a bedbug last Saturday on the bed. I thought I w
                          Quality Inn & Suites Biltmore East Now I feeling very very itch
                          Courtyard Erie I stayed at the Courtyard in Erie Oct 21-22, 2011. I che
                          113 Jane St I stayed at the Jane on October 22 and 23 on the third floo
                          189 Cedarvale Ave There have been reports of cockroaches and bedbugs, i
                          400 Beale St The Association has received a report from residents in a
                          433 River Ave Building name is Villa Cabrini, an over 50s building for
                          2327 Brunswick St 2011 AND THEY STILL HAVE THEM. Read the prior post
                          26 Maxwell Cres October 25th 2011 the cockroaches are still here and t
                          145 St George St People if you still have bed bugs get DIATOMACEOUS EAR
                          Econo Lodge Metro Arlington I checked into the Econo Lodge Metro Arling
                          Economy Inn-Great Western Inn From October 19, 2011 found about 10-15 b
                          La Quinta Inn & Suites Grants Pass I stayed in this hotel from
                          6163 N Kenmore Ave Infested with bedbugs- occurrence beginning summer o
                          New York Marriott Marquis I was bitten by bed bugs at this hotel on 10/
                          78 Congress St I am a happy resident at this building for 10 years a
                          Hotel Boheme We were staying at Hotel Boheme and had a great stay. Unf
                          Venetian Resort Hotel Casino I just returned from 4 nights at the Venet
                          Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel 10/16/2011 Room 1728 Three bites on
                          175 Lowther Ave On October /19/2011 I had Orkin /PCO's bedbug sniffing
                          89 Mccaul St I have lived at 89 McCaul Street for 6 years. There have

                          See more recent reports...


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                            Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                            That little crawling bug on my screen made me jump!


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                              Re: The Bedbug Registry -- USA Hotels Bed Bug Listing

                              Originally posted by Arguendo View Post
                              That little crawling bug on my screen made me jump!
                              Lol, beware there are more bugs on the way......

                              Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide -- The Bedbug Registry

                              February 04, 2012

                              14111 103 Ave Nw Lived there from 02/2010-08/2011 with no bugs
                              Best Western Inn I was watching tv with the lights off when I saw somet
                              8 Silver Maple Ct I am living at Vertica Resident Services in 8 Silver
                              Lakeview Inns & Suites Went to stay here last week jan 24 to 26
                              230 Oak St Bedbugs were seen in the carpeting in the hallways. The carp
                              500 Dunsmuir St I live here now in fourth month, no bedbugs or even hea
                              8635 Shaughnessy St Hi I am a tenant currently in 8635 shaughnessy stre
                              Homewood Suites Jacksonville St Johns Town Center Stayed last week, got
                              9191 Round Top Rd An infestation in this retirement home's dining room.
                              2360 Dundas St W bed bugs appeared in our unit in April. Landlord refus

                              February 03

                              375 Barton St E Nothing wrong with 375 barton. We live here and there
                              Radisson Hotel The manager called me to the front desk to say my room w
                              510 S Burnside Ave We had bed bugs for a few months now. After several
                              1881 Brunswick St This is fake, I've lived here for 5 years and there a
                              Holiday Inn Chicago North Shore (Skokie) Hotel I just wanted to correct
                              25 Parkway Forest Dr horrible management. if u like gettin bitten at ni
                              Omni Houston At Westside received several bites durig my stay
                              130 Rosedale Valley Rd February 3, 2012 All apartments were checked by
                              6910 N Sheridan Rd Dec 10,2011 and Jan,29 2012 This building is infeste
                              1 Firvalley Ct Was told by my to neighbours on both sides of my apartm
                              5431 N East River Rd There are a lot of bed bugs. Please be careful.
                              Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Had a large group of people stay at th
                              Holiday Inn Express-Dewitt Stayed two nights at this hotel, when I woke
                              501 Mcmillan Ave The landlord is completely ignorant to the idea that t
                              Motel 6 These statements are completely false. We've Stayed at this p
                              9501 Manning Ave This building is infested! I am breaking my lease and
                              607 Massachusetts Ave Ne Bedbugs appeared about 3 weeks after I moved i
                              135 Tyndall Ave I lived here for 4 years. I was evicted a couple of wee
                              Ramada Inn Stayed here. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE , HORRIBLE! It was plain
                              833 Central Ave In September 2011 six apartments were found to have bed
                              Westin Stamford THE HILTON~ (NOT THE WESTIN ANYMORE) My colleague had
                              Harrah's Las Vegas February 2nd, 2012 I had a patient come into facili
                              360 E South Water St Several months ago, I was notified that my neighbo

                              February 02

                              123 Guernsey St 2/2/11 I live here and there is no problem, perhaps M.
                              8 York St This building is clear. No reports Of bedbugs. The person bel
                              Hampton Inn & Suites Boynton Beach On December 9, 2011, we chec
                              Larchmont Hotel I live at the hotel and do not have bedbugs. There wer
                              350 E 67th St We also live in this building and found out this morning
                              Doubletree Hotel Norwalk I stayed at this hotel from January 17th 2012
                              Avenue Mountain Sights I lived on mountain sights the second to last bu
                              3705 79th St 37-05 79th street apt. 5-0 Jackson Hieghts NY 11372 q
                              Shawnee Village Resort BEDBUGS! Occurred on 1/17/2012, about 2:00 AM
                              40 Glen Rd I posted the original report on 40 Glen Rd. This can be conf
                              Rothesay St NORWAY HOUSE APTS My mom has lived here for four years and
                              1 Convent Ave Fall of 2011 there was rumor in our building that there w
                              Hilton-Long Island The Hilton Long Island respects that you had concern
                              Kings Inn Motel Me and my family staied on second floor room. My grands
                              Courtyard By Marriott Monday January 31, 2012 I began itching 15 minute
                              167 Church St Been here since building opened(5 yrs)Live on 22nd floor



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