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Contract, clear up a point for me please

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  • Contract, clear up a point for me please

    I am a overseas contracter working for a company that has a contract with the Army. I need to know about my rights are when it comes to things promised me in a letter of employment. I and one other co-worker were promised a roundtrip coach plane ticket once a year to go back to the USA. the exact line of the letter or employment is

    "If you accept employment with pulau, you will be entitled to a yearly round trip coach airfare ticket to the united states for yourself"

    notice that it give no other stipulations except that i would get a ticket once a year and that it be to the united states. later they kept added new rules for the use of that ticket. they said

    1 it had to be used within that year, even though it does not say that on the Offer letter.

    2 it could not be given or shared with anybody, and later anybody besides your spouse. at the time they added the spouses they said that you could hold over tickets form that time on and that only old tickets form previous years could be used by a spouse not tickets for the current year.

    3 that it be only used for the continental united states.

    4 once for a short period of time we were told only to your home of record.

    5 for a short period of time they said we could use them for places other then the states as long as it cost less then a ticket would cost to your normal home of record in the states, that is still on again off again on weather or not that is allowed.

    6 we often got the run around like, "oh you cant get your ticket yet it has not been a year yet" and oh you are not owed one again yet because we go by hire date" and later "oh we go by calendar date so you are not owed one yet."

    After the first two years everyone on our contract with the company was given tickets in a new offer letter that they sign, i am not sure what they said but i think theirs read diffrent to makeup for the flaws on our two.

    As far as i know a benefit is something given instead of more cash so that anything that they owe me is mine and not up to any more controls then what is on the offer letter to date they owe me 5 round trip tickets from Korea to the USA. Two that are not in debate weather i can get them or not and three that i never took because i never had the time to go back to the states (mostly because of work). To me i should be able to do anything that i want with those tickets they are owed to me i own them, they are mine if i want them to give them tome and then i tear them up it is my choice they are mine, if i want to make the ticket open ended, my choice.

    I guess my question is it their right to add stipulations after i have signed the offer letter?

    Do they owe me 5 tickets?

    Can i use them as i see fit? destination? person?

    Can i have them give me the ticket and then do what ever i want with it, like cash it in, exchange it for a ticket to some where else, extended the expiration time so i can use it when i am ready?

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    Re: Am I in the right?

    You can get a ticket each year but if you don't take it, arguably it does expire unless you have them agree otherwise at the time.


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