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I am wondering if the following situation is a breech of contract...

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  • I am wondering if the following situation is a breech of contract...

    I am wondering if the following situation is a breech of contract.

    Kelli Lee (who identifies herself as a Recruiter for IPSC - Inner Parish Security Consultants - a Louisiana based "Rent-a-cop" company) has been posting the following job offer:

    "I am still looking for resumes for people that want to work around New Orleans. I am working a FEMA contract and we are looking for about 45 people that can work an armed guard position. The company is Inner Parrish Security Company. Send me your resumes. I will email you the details and send you contact information after I forward the resumes. I can tell you the job pays about 1300 a week.

    My email is [email protected]<mailto:[email protected] om>

    Kelli Lee"


    I submitted my resume and received a call from her on Saturday, June 3rd.

    Kelli Lee stated the following:

    1. The assignment was for the guarding of FEMA Trailer cities.
    2. She stated that they didn't have the contract yet but would know by Wednesday, June 7th.
    3. She said that the pay was a little more than 1300.00 per week, paid weekly.
    4. She said that the operators would be billed 100.00 per week for lodgings and that we would be in assigned two deep (two people per) one bedroom unfurnished apartment.
    5. She told me that some of the apartments were about an hour away from the job site but that they were working on getting RV's or other apartments closer.
    6. She told me that the deployment was for 45 days.
    7. She repeated that all of this would be known by Wednesday and that she would call me and tell me "go" or "no go".
    8. She stated that if I got the "go" call then I would have to report by Friday, June 9th.

    She asked if I knew anyone else and I referred my partner who then called her and was told the following:

    1. Repeated what was told to me (listed above).
    2. Added that the job function required us to detain violators for up to two hours for law enforcement (if law enforcement did not show up then we were to release them).
    3. Added that the 45 day deployment was optional and that it was possible to stay longer if the operator wanted to.

    After all this on Wednesday morning I called Ms. Lee to determine where she was at on these "FEMA" contracts.

    She told me that she still had not heard anything and wanted me to call back sometime after 1900 hrs that night. She repeated that if things were a "go" that we would not be expected till that Friday.

    At approximately 1530 hrs she called me and insisted that my partner and I needed to report for duty by the 1400 hrs the next day (it was a 12 hour drive for us). I asked her what happened to reporting on Friday and she was was adamant that we had to be there Thursday.

    My partner and I left that night and arrived at her location in New Orleans by 0845 hrs that Thursday morning.

    She came out of her apartment in her pajamas and expressed surprise that we were there.

    She told us that she was not prepared for us and didn't have any type of arrangements for our lodging and where we could store our gear.

    She then told us we needed to pick up range ammo to qualify with our weapons (while I never turn down a chance at the range this was NOT mentioned and we could have brought range ammo with us instead of having to buy more). She suggested we should leave all of our equipment (weapons, etc.) in the bed of the pickup truck we were in while we went into Wal-mart.

    We of course advised her that was unacceptable.

    She then tried to talk us out of the FEMA assignment saying that they didn't know if they got it yet (this was ludicrous since that is exactly what she called us down here for). She tried to get us to take a guard assignment at the local Lowes for 8.00 bucks an hour.

    When we protested she told us that we would have to speak to her "boss" Brian Hollis.

    - Yes yes, I know, at this point we should have gotten into our truck and driven the 12 hours back home... I like to think we were somewhat slow that morning due to the fact that we had been up for over 24 hours at that point -

    We drove to the office site and spoke with Mr. Hollis.

    Mr. Hollis stated that he had no idea what she was doing recruiting from the forums and that she didn't have the authority to do so. He said that he also didn't know what she was talking about regarding the 45 day deployments and the FEMA contracts as he could not guarantee anything. He went on about how we should work the Lowes site until he knew about the FEMA sites (note that Ms. Lee had been complaining that people were sleeping on duty at the FEMA sites and that she had personally terminated several of them).

    Mr. Hollis also told he that he had NO IDEA we were told to come down.

    We had a long discussion with Mr. Hollis who then said he would give my partner and I one of the FEMA site assignments so we decided to stay a bit and access the entirety of the situation for ourselves.

    Here it is:

    When we arrived there were also 5 or 6 other professional who arrived at the same time as my partner and I. One quit after the first night, two quit the second day, one is still here because his radiator blew out and he wants to try and recover his losses, and the other is working on a contract with another company (he mentioned this to us to see if we would be interested).

    NOTHING is furnished by the company. You are billed for everything. The cost to get a states license here is about 56 bucks. The company is billing the operators 130 dollars for that and "processing"... essentially the employee paperwork one has to fill out.

    The apartments are 60-70 miles away (120+ round trip). The RV's which are about 15 miles away which wouldn't be bad however they are 3 men per RV (NOT the TWO MAN APARTMENTS PROMISED and they are STILL billing the 100.00 per week per man) and there is a problem with the water running to them. It is a yellow color and smells like "day old eggs" and "briny tasting"... almost brackish but not that dark. The operators are told that the water has no bacteria but that they are not to drink it (drinking water is not supplied either).

    A few days on the job and I posted the facts of the detail on several executitve protection/security forums in which I am a member (pretty much what I listed here).

    I was then informed by Kelli Lee that I was "terminated" because of the information that I had posted.

    I then contacted Mr. Hollis and informed him that he was breaching our contract by his action.

    I have also received emails from several other people who were tricked into coming down and several who have confirmed that they spoke to Mr. Hollis and advise that he was and is fully aware of Ms. Lee's recruiting efforts despite his claims to the contrary.

    Since then my partner and I have given sworn depositions to the Lousiana State Security Licensing board for charges raised against IPSC for violations of state statutes regarding training proceedures (the hearing is scheduled for November).

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    Those kinds of actions and statements that caused you to rely on them and made you incur costs etc. are acts that she could be sued for. If you agreed to take steps, relied on the statements, and were damaged and she did not tell the truth you could likely win in small claims or other court. The licensing board should probably act as well. She may compromise and settle on some amount with you.


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      That's what I figured.... the licensing board doesn't regulate any unethical conduct regarding recruitng and currently the companies stance is that she is acting without their approval and so they are not liable for her actions.

      This is despite evidence that their "VP" is fully aware of the situation and in fact was lying about his involvement.

      The total for the "breech" is about 14,000.00 (7k for me and 7k for my partner).

      Thanks for the input.


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        The company normally is liable for the acts of its senior employees.


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          ...and its agents etc.


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