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UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

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  • UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

    My former UAE company says it is going to ban me not only from the UAE but all Gulf nations.

    I have no outstanding debt in the UAE: My rent was paid through June. I paid off my rental agency per the contract. And after arriving in the US, I transferred money to my UAE bank to clear up what little credit card debt I had.

    According to my contract, I had to give a 1-month notice when quitting. I did that, but the company froze my Feb pay, and they were not going to settle up final payment with me until after I had finished working and left the country.

    I got a job offer in Saudi Arabia that required applying for a visa from within the US.

    So, instead of living off savings for 2 more weeks and leaving the UAE without my final pay, I cleared my debt and left early.

    1. Can my UAE employer ban me from working in all the gulf states?

    2. Is there an appeal process I can use to try to get a ban lifted (even if it is limited to the UAE)?


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    Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

    I wish to inform you that you can contact UAE Ministry of Labour and lift any re-entry ban. In this regard if any ban is imposed on you then you can claim that your employer had first stated that your wages due to you will not be paid and hence your violation of employment contract is because of breach of contract terms by employer.



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      Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

      Thanks for the reply.

      The company did not say they would not pay. They simply did not answer when I emailed asking when I would receive the last pay, and I found where two teachers who left before me didn't get paid until months after they had left.

      What legal grounds could they use to block me from working in Saudi Arabia?

      I did leave the country without going through the process of cancelling my work visa.

      I could not afford to continue living off savings while I worked.

      I should have no debts in the UAE.

      From what I'm reading on the Internet, it seems these travel bans involve people with credit card and other debt in the UAE who left without paying.

      I cleared all debt with housing, rental car, bank cards, and Etisalat before I left. I shouldn't owe my employer anything either - the reason they froze my Feb. pay was to collect the relocation allowance they gave when I first arrived.

      But, they are threatening to get me banned from working in any GCC nation if I don't return to work (which is impossible since I left the country).

      It is frustrating, because the company no longer has an option position for me: When I turned in my notice, they decided to downsize the school by one class and not replace me. So, I didn't even harm the school by leaving 2 weeks early.


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        Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

        "the company no longer has an option position for me"

        That should read "open position for me."

        That was a key factor in my decision to leave 2 weeks early: There was no teaching position left for me to fill.

        During the last school term, several students dropped out of another teacher's class. That put enrollment below the minimum number required to keep that class open.

        When I turned in my notice, the school decided to close that class and not hire a new teacher.

        So, the company was not harmed financially or in its day-to-day practice by my leaving early. It actually made things easier for the local branch, because they did not have to juggle the schedule to find hours for 5 teachers with only 4 classes running only to change it again two weeks later...


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          Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

          I emailed the Dubai immigration agency help desk. They replied quickly. They said even if a ban were processed by the company in the UAE, it would not extend to getting a visa in another GCC nation.

          That makes me feel better.

          I did reply asking if there were a way to check if a ban for the UAE had been processed and how I could appeal such a ban if applied, because I don't believe I should be banned from there.

          The only thing I did was leave the country before processing the visa cancellation.

          I did not run away to escape debt, and my leaving had no negative impact on the company, because the school had already made the decision it would not replace me. Instead, they decided to downsize staff and the number of classes offered. There was no class for me to teach at the start of the new term.


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            Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

            The help center in the immigration ministry replied again, and I found several websites with similar information. You can google abscond ban uae.

            Even if you don't leave debts behind, an employer can have you banned for life from the UAE if you leave without notice, and there doesn't seem to be an appeal process.


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              Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

              Need help on my situation. I had a travel ban in UAE due to my credit card debt. How can I settle this in order to lift my ban? Except paying my outstanding dues to the bank, is there any option to lift the ban?

              Appreciate you suggestion, Thanks.



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                Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

                You may request to have the re-entry ban put aside. You must write to the department and explain why you think it should be put aside. The department must be satisfied there is a strong reason to justify granting a visa before the end of the re-entry ban. If not, your visa application will be refused. If the re-entry ban is put aside, you will still need to meet all the other criteria for the visa, including health and character requirements, for it to be granted. Seek advice from an expert lawyer.


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                  Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

                  Heaven forbid you would want to pay off your debts.

                  Originally posted by Kamuro12 View Post
                  Need help on my situation. I had a travel ban in UAE due to my credit card debt. How can I settle this in order to lift my ban? Except paying my outstanding dues to the bank, is there any option to lift the ban?

                  Appreciate you suggestion, Thanks.

                  Due to a recent promotion, I should now be referred to as Major Obvious.

                  I would not be trying to provide information and knowledge if I did not sympathize.

                  Some days it is just not worth chewing through the restraints to face life.


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                    Hi everyone. Like all the other people who post here, I have the same probpem regarding my ban.

                    I left my job in Dubai without completing my 2 year contract. So lioe everyone else breaching the contract I got banned.But we are assuming that this ia immigration ban since the owner of the previous company I worked for is a friend of a friend so we are sure that they didnt give the ban. And when I exit thats the time where an arab man said "you are ban in Dubai, you cannot come to Dubai for 1 yr."

                    Now my question is:
                    1. Why would they give me 1 year ban when it was supposedly a 6 mos labour ban?
                    2. Can I still get a visit visa in freezone?
                    3. Can I still come to Abu dhabi and have employment visa there?

                    Things are not so clear to me so if somebody could help and explain to me it would be much of a help.. thank you in advance..


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                      Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

                      All the countries of the GCC are VISA violators without exception. This is why the US keeps them as the lowest tier in Human Trafficking.

                      The mentality is petty and it is an attitude that has left their countries behind in terms of respect from European and Western countries.

                      Their legal systems are a joke and Egyptian. Did anyone see the GCC countries import the pyramids. No, so why do they rely on the Egyptian legal systems. That country is a joke as we can see it is a failed state.

                      Travel Bans over such petty Small Claims items is an indication that their Ministry of Justice hasn't evolved to have a Small Claims division and cannot keep these small claims from ruining their international reputation.

                      Good Luck !

                      Trading Cows in the GCC


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                        Re: UAE Travel Ban for all GCC?

                        I have a Dxb travel ban due to 1 credit card just for Dhs 10,000. I have married moved to NZ and taken my husband's last name and NZ passport (New Zealand Citizen).

                        So is there a way they could identify me? Just curious, incase I have to travel to dxb.


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