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Collection MN -- Can they really have me arrested for check fraud?

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  • Collection MN -- Can they really have me arrested for check fraud?

    What is the name of your state? MN

    In late 2001 I had a checking account. Long story short it went negative and I ended up owing a lot of people money. (not my fault, but beside the point). In early 2002 I took all my letters I had and all the debt collectors that were calling and paid them all off in full before they affected my credit report. Then in early 2006 my fiance and I went to buy a house and when I pulled my credit report there were some unpaid balances on there. I called the company that they were all listed with and they said I owed a total of 1678.00. I couldn't find the information of what check numbers I paid back in 02, so instead of fighting I set up a payment plan with them and paid faithfully until the end of 2006 and I paid it all off. I even have a letter saying that all accounts are paid in full. My problem is now I have a different company coming after me for one of the checks I paid off through the first company. They started contacting me in August 06 while I was still making payments to the first company, so when they called I told them that I was already making payments to such and such company and they should check their records. They said OK because apparently the two company's are somehow tied together and even apologized for bothering me. Now that the account is all paid off the second company is trying to collect again saying that my payment plan didn't include this one check and their going to call my local law office and have me arrested for check fraud. Now, the check was written for 26.00 and the total they say I owe is 278.00 but I'm sure it was included in my payment plan because I was the one that called to fix this and I paid everything still open on my credit reports. So, I requested validation of debt and they told me I was outside my 30 days because they first contacted me back in August. They then told me they would go to court and get a judgment against me and garnish my wages. It's only 278.00 so I would just pay it, but I really believe I already did. What makes it bad is they won't give me the check number that they say it is, so while I'm 99.9% sure I paid it, there's a miniscule chance I didn't. What can I do? Can they really have me arrested for check fraud? I'm a single mother now and I can't afford to go to jail not even for a night! What can I do? I'm the one who contacted them to make everything right. I'm not a deadbeat, I just think that I already paid it. I have a letter stating all accounts paid in full, but it doesn't say check numbers...the second company won't even give me what check number it is. All they will tell me is that it's to Best Buy and I know I paid a Best Buy check in my payment plan. I did not write any debt off, I paid them all in full. How can they do this to me? I don't know what to do. Help please! Will they really have me arrested for 278.00?

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    re: Collection MN -- Can they really have me arrested for check fraud?

    No they won't have you arrested; file in small claims if they are damaging you and force them to provide all documents there.


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