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    Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail. After a VERY disterbing phone call tonight from Hall & Associates/Cabrera & Associates, I came across a website claiming that this company was fraud.
    I got a call from this company about 5 months ago claiming I owed $2500 for checks written in 2003-2004. I knew back then I had a few that ended up NSF, however, I paid most if not all of them. Plus I have never been contacted by the individual company's about the checks. But 5 months ago I figured something went wrong and set up a payment plan. Due to becoming unemployed, I couldn't send money. I didn't receive anything from this company during that time asking me where my payments were. Tonight I receive a phone call around 7:30 CST from a woman saying that $2500 had to be wired tonight or they would take it to a judge in the morning. I said that I was a student and only worked part time, and couldnt' come up with that kind of money tonight so I asked what the next step was, and she told me to figure it out. So I said " no really, I want to know what happens next since I can't pay tonight" and she said....Emily, your a smart girl...figure it out. Again, I told her I didn't know, and she said, all I can say is fraud...but you figure it out, then she hung up on me. I got frustrated and called back to try to come to some agreement with someone and asked to speak to someone besides her. I got a man on the phone who said that I was unreliable and unless I paid half, it was going to a judge in the morning. I said that I couldn't afford half because I was working part time, and he said why aren't you working full time...I said because I'm in school and he said well, how are you paying for that? I told him financial aid. He then said that it was my problem and that was all he was going to say and I asked what I could do...then proceeded to say I guess I could ask my parents for help and he said, "you just answered your own question, ask your parents" He told me I had 25-30 minutes to call back to make the arrangements. I asked my parents and they were going to give me their credit card number as they don't want to see me with a judgement or go to jail or something, so I called back within their time period (20 minutes) but got an answering machine. That's when I got online to see if I could make arrangements on line, but found the web site that claimed they were a fraud.

    My question is did I do the right thing? Am I going to get in trouble for not making a payment? I know they are going to call me in the morning as I left a message. My biggest thing is I want to see the individual company's and the individual charges, which they tell me they don't have.

    My question is, IF these weren't paid, what is the statute of limitations for Iowa. Also, I did find out that this company is owned by Matt Cabrera who is a licensed lawyer in New Jersey, but not New York where he is based out of now. Are they making valid threats?
    Again, thanks for your time...

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    Re: Cabrera & Associates

    You may demand written validation of the debt to prove what if anything is actually owed. Notwithstanding what they say, these kinds of creditors often will not really sue so if you just cannot pay you could just wait to see what if any action they take.

    See debts and judgments:


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      Re: Cabrera & Associates

      Thank you for writing this. I have recently received phone calls demanding money from this woman. She said that I owed money for NSF checks written in 2006. When I asked her when these checks were written and to whom they were written to she became even shorter and ruder than she already was. First she told me the checks were written in May and June of 2006 then after asking a second time they had been written in June and Aug. of 2006. Something didn't seem quite right so I asked her if she could tell me what bank they had been written from because I haven't had a checking account for about 4 years if not longer. She told me she couldn't provide me with that information. She started getting very snippy with me and said I should know I was the one who had written the checks. I told her that I didn't like her attitude and I was just trying to understand this because as far as I was aware I had taken care of all outstanding bills I had in 2008. She told me I must be having a bad day and I didn't need to take my problems out on her. So I let her know that I would speak to my husband and I would get back to her. My husband told me to get proof of the checks. So when she called back a week later I told her that I needed some kind of physical evidence that I actually owed this money. She told me that I was well aware that I did and they had sent me many notices. I told her that I had never received any of them. She then told me that I needed to take that up with my postal service and hung up on me. I've moved quite a bit since 2006 and called one of the people I used to live with to see if I had received any mail from a law firm. The answer was no and this person shared the story with another person who informed me that there had been a lot of scams of this nature in that area recently. So on to file a report with the county Sheriff. Hope all turns out.


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