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Wants to pay debts in UAE

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  • Wants to pay debts in UAE

    Hello Legal Junkies,

    I'm one of your troubled readers in UAE in debt from 3 banks amounting to 60k Dirham of unpaid dues + interest and whatever else they can pile to my account.
    I got in contact with one of the banks recently as I wanted a peace of mind as there are people(3rd party even 1 from the Philippines) harassing me on phone for the payments which I don't take lightly resulting to heated arguments and shouting. 1 bank took my settlement payment from the previous company and up to date, they still want me to pay the full amount. When I started to use the same current account ( haven't been using it for year or more because of the trauma they left me), just last July, they took off my whole salary for that month plus the initial payment I did to show that I have the intentions to settle my debts to them. I have reactivated my current account in this bank but to my surprised, they took my full salary. I went to the branch where my account is to ask for some clarity but too bad I was only made to wait outside and they made me talk to the 3rd party (people in a company who are contracted to ask for payment, can I mention them here?) over the phone. I sent them an email asking for the payments they took from me but nobody is replying up until this day. It's frustrating to say the least as I have been clear on them that I will pay and hopefully clear my name of debts but I feel helpless.

    For the 2nd bank, I have paid the initial payment before September ended. Although I am able to pay now, I feel like there is a better way to resolve this without me pulling out a lot of money for it.

    I lost my job last year, got on a new job for a year which is sadly, the salary is just enough to survive here and send money back home hence the dues were not paid.

    Please advice.

    Thank you.


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    I wish to inform you that your bank account may be garnished after order from court or if your current account bank was also your creditor. In this if in your first debt if settlement has been reached then creditor cannot demand more amount. If settlement amount was not reached then bank may claim complete loan amount. You may also file a complaint against your bank for disclosing your bank account balance details to a third party without your consent and further deducting your amount without any court order or other authority. You may first file complaint with bank and if it does not resolve then with CB UAE which is central bank of UAE's complaint monitoring system. As regards second debt your creditor may demand amount as per agreement and you may negotiate for a better settlement offer in accordance with consent of both parties.



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