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$1000 held hostage by Sprint; Debt mounts

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  • $1000 held hostage by Sprint; Debt mounts

    I am unsure of the proper forum to post this in, so I hope I chose correctly. This may seem like a bit whiny at first, but please bear with me, because debt collectors want to hear how I plan to pay them, and my bank wants to shut my account down permenantly, so my call to Sprint today left me thinking I need to pursue my payment through a legal avenue. I'm the one who screwed up my finances. But Sprint made a fool out of me when I assured ICC Debt Collection, Paypal, and Bank of the West that I was getting a large check to cover my accounts in the red. I am intrested to know if I can realistically pursue damages from Sprint for any resulting loss from them fooling around when I am counting on that check to make debt payments, and keep what little credit I have. I hope that wasn't a stupid-sounding statement. In any event, let me try to nutshell it.

    I was in good shape financially late July of this year, and after making a payment of $300 or so dollars to Sprint to cover a good deal of months worth of payments (so I didn't need to worry about it), I decided to send a $500 payment, which, when you include the refundable $150 deposit they require to sign up but give back when your subscription is over, totals just over $1000 dollars. I had to shut down my service (don't ask, *sigh*) and was told by customer service that I would recieve my $1034.01 in the form of a check within thirty days of my last bill. I closed my account before August of the 21st, which would be my bill date. So I expected my check to come sometime before September 21st. That came and went, so after I called them, they assured me, "Yes, we meant this next bill, which is your ACTUAL last bill", or something to that effect. So this is October 18th, and I called Sprint and was told that the check wasn't going out because I hadn't filled out a template (What?!). The lady was so downright mean it was comical. I'm a bright kid, and I percieved the Sprint customer service lady to be extremely rude. But I suspected that this was a ploy to get me to get combative (seriously, what else could it explain it?) She was not even trying to hide it. They record, so maybe they wanted some ammo in the event of litigation, I dunno, but I stayed cool. So she informed me that she went ahead and filled out a "template" for me, but that she needed a phone number where she could reach me. I have none, so it was about 5 minutes of her insisting she could do nothing for me unless I had a phone number she could reach me to verify the information, before I told her, "I'm sure there must be some avenue open to me that I can pursue to get my money." She hopefully understood me, but either way she told me to fax proof of my payments if I wanted, but that I should call back in one week to see what the status is on my refund, and whether that would be necessary. I had my Sprint bill set up to be paperless, to be emailed to me, and I have and email ebill from Sprint on August 25th, and September 22nd, both stating my due amount to be -1034.01. I have proof of my $500 payment, but the $300 (roughly) payment was with cash at the store the day I bought the plan, and the additional $150 deposit they require was also in cash at the store the day I bought the plan and I no longer have my reciept, so I cannot prove that, but I do know the lady that handled my order was friendly and would probably remember. Anyway, ICC Debt collections will not be happy to hear that I still will be unable to make payment, and my Paypal account could face permenant closure, which it has taken me awhile to garner (6) reputation, and to lose that would be painful. Not to mention my Bank of the West account closure would hurt my credit. So much is riding on this check to get here, and this tomfoolery must stop here. If they will not release my funds to me, when It is clear that it is owed to me (what, they made an error on my ebill twice? Oh maybe I OWE $1034.01, in spite of cancelling my subscription less than a month after I started it, as well as making a provable $500 payment.) If they tell me that I need to fax proof next Wednesday, I will be in terrible shape. They need to give me my money, and are ruining my financial future. It wasn't my mistakes that got me in this position, it was SPRINT (Har Har , I know). I jest, but it's hard to hear this BS when I need that check so MUCH. Hope to hear I have a legal avenue to pursue. [email protected] is a great way to reach me, otherwise I'll wait for a reply. Thank You.

    Dillon Jones

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    WLD staff will email you today.


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      good to hear

      Glad to hear the legal options I percieved to exist are, in fact, real. Thank you very much.

      Dillon Jones


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