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Canadian Government gag order abuse

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  • Canadian Government gag order abuse


    Is the Canadian government allowed to block people from being able to contact me ?
    The Canadian government is blocking me from being able to receive phone calls/emails/text messages by using "gag orders" and was wondering if this is even legal

    When people phone call/email or text message me, the messages/calls won't even go through and I can't even see them

    Ive been trying to contact lawyers regarding this, and even THEY are unable to contact/email me

    The background story is that I exposed corruption within governments and their surveillance programs and them distributing information about me to everyone and then using gag orders to prevent people from telling me that they were given information about me. And so now they are persecuting me/being oppressive

    Is this even legal what their doing ? And how can I get them to stop when they are blocking even lawyers from being able to contact me ?

    Here are articles describing my exact situation:

    Thank you for any feedback

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    You may seek court order to protect your personal liberties. In this if government is restricting your contact then court may take action against any such action. Your action may be based upon violation of your personal liberties. You have the burden to prove that there is an order by government authorities. You may present evidence through statement of various persons who are unable to communicate with you as well as you may subpoena such persons who are obstructing your communications.



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      Thank you for your feedback.
      Are Canadian courts/police allowed to do this? (Block me from being able to receive emails/text messages/phone calls) ?

      And are people allowed to break their "gag orders" that they've received in order to confirm/testify that they HAVE indeed tried to email/text/phone me but without success?


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        If they have to testify under oath then yes they can tell the truth.


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          Maybe you should move to the USA! Get a fresh start.


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